July 20, 2010

Rachel Maddow “Paying” for Tax Cuts

Tonight on The  Rachel Maddow Show[to Ezra Klein]:

“On the issue of deficits do-does the base, either,  as articulated, through the tea party movement, or not, care enough about deficits that proposals like Marco Rubio’s, like all of these other, er ah um ah, candidates who are proposing BIG TAX CUTS WITHOUTH PAYING FOR THEM…”

[insert furious profanity filled arm flailing rage here] WTF?! Paying for what….So, the government could not possibly function with out all of the current taxes we have levied against us as of right now? We would run up the deficit if we didn’t pay for a tax cut….a “paid for” tax cut is NOT AN EFFIN’ TAX CUT!!! It is a….what in good gravy’s name would you call that?!?  It’s a shift, a tax shift from one group or business to another.  To “cut” implies some sort of removal, not exchange.  An exchange would result in no real cut at all.

This is some sort of “Freudian Admission”,(I think I made up a new phrase) where people who are incredibly ignorant of reality say something that to them is non-controversial and perfectly logical which spins rational knowledgeable logical humans off in apoplectic fits of slack jawed rage.  They do this all the time.

For a person who has a freaking PhD in Political Science this is utter willfull denial of all rational political reality, as proven by history.  Raising taxes while simultaneously increasing spending, no matter what group you shift the weight of the tax burden to, will a) LOWER actual revenue, and b) increase the deficit.

No, Maddow, and all her cohorts,  are in complete denial of the Laffer Curve,  and History. 

According to their theory of how the world works, you can NEVER reduce government spending, unless it is on the Military, and you can NEVER actually lower the effective tax rate across the board, and yet they somehow think that by raising taxes and raising spending we can lower the deficit.  Which of course, you know, you could, if you could remove human nature and incentive from the equation.laffer curve

But here in the real world the only way to reduce the deficit is to simultaneously reduce SPENDING and raise Revenue…which history has proven to be accomplished by lowering the tax rate below the tipping point as illustrated by the Laffer Curve.  It seems to me that the T.E.A party movement is all about tax and spending cuts.  Cut Spending and Cut Taxes, or you know, Reaganomics.

Well, I got that out of my system,


I guess I should add a post script to explain who this mystery guest blogger is: I am the cousin of the KOOK

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