July 08, 2010

To Govt Re: Oil Spill, you’re doing it wrong. Reason No. 86,349 That Government is the problem.

h/t to The Foundry and EVTN

The Army Corps of Engineers  has rejected a plan by local Jefferson Parrish (county) officials to block oil from entering Barataria Bay.  People are rightly Pissed OFF that the COE’s decision, and the anger is mounting now that there are reports that Oil has entered lake Ponchartrain.

But of course, and predictably, the government is good at denying people’s logical efforts at protecting their own property, both public and private, but HAS NO PLAN IN PLACE TO HELP.

“One of the things that really gets me is they didn’t offer us an alternative plan and they didn’t offers us a plan of their own, “[Grand Isle Mayor David] Carmardelle said. “They just said, No.”

Governor Bobby Jindal, whose frustration has been constant since this mess started, explained, “They need to fight it like the war that it is. We have told them that “no” is not an answer, “no”  is not a plan, “no” is not acceptable.”

For President Obama, who famously remarked that someone needed to “plug the damn hole”,  there does not seem to be any effort to “clean up the damn mess”

Locals formulated a plan to protect the bay by building rock and sand barriers to stop the oil; but the EPA and NOAA along with the Army COE, had “concerns” that the rock dikes could result in Environmental Damage (!) WTF do they think millions of gallons of crude oil washing up into estuaries and lakes and on beaches is?!

Meanwhile government and the people who actually make the decisions, the special interest groups such as the Florida Wildlife Federation and the Sierra Club, are joining in with the Fedzilla to appeal Judge Martin Feldman’s decision to stop Obama’s Oil Drilling Moratorium.

In a nutshell the Fed and Obama will not lift a finger to allow people to save their property and local environment, while at the same time doing everything possible to cripple their economy

This needs to be marketed as Obama’s disdain for people who live and work on the Gulf Coast. “Why does Obama hate the gulf coast people so much?”, should be the refrain.

Refusing to take the destruction of his community lying down Mayor Carmardelle is still hoping to find a solution. BP had already purchased the rocks to build the barriers while waiting on the Army Corps’ decision and the mayor is hoping he might still be able to find the money to build the dikes:

“I’m really hurt inside. I think they’re going to kill our community,” Camardelle said. “But I’m not giving up.”

With the rocks already purchased, Camardelle said, building the dikes would cost about $25 million.

“I say, let’s go. If we can come up with the money, let’s bypass the federal government. Let’s protect our people.”

President Obama, that is leadership.

But wait, there is more!  I have previously posted on Kevin Costner’s Oil Separator, well thanks to commenter Donnybrook I have found out about another (privately developed) device that is poised to play a great part in this clean up effort, if the Government allows it.  Enter the EVTN Voraxial Oil Separator

“EVTN has developed and patented the Voraxial® Separator; a revolutionary and proprietary technology that efficiently separates large volumes of solids and liquids with different specific gravities. The Voraxial® Separator acts as an in-line, continuous flow separator that can conduct high volume liquid/liquid, liquid/solid or liquid/liquid/solid separation. The Voraxial performs separation without a pressure drop.We have demonstrated that the voraxial separator is the best solution worldwide to clean up the Gulf oil spill.”

How fast is it?  It is reported to be able to process 3500 Gallons Per Minute, which if it really works as advertised could be 20 of these devices would be 10X more effective than the entire cleanup effort thus far.  And, reading the fine print, and if I understand it correctly, this is only running the machines 12 hrs a day.

Will the Fed allow them?…who knows.  They are likely faster and better than anything else down there, but they probably do not turn oily seawater into Unicorn Tears so the EPA will likely seek to block the efforts at their use. As reported previously EPA regs state the after separation the water must be 99.9995% pure.  So, we can process 1/10th of the oil to get a .00005% increase in purity over a system that is 10x more effective but only renders water 95% –99% oil free.   I guess that makes sense if you are a MoonBat bureaucrat.

If Obama did push for their use he would likely take the company over to keep them from profiting for their genius, but not to worry, because cleaning up the mess is against his agenda.

The more of these things that happen the more I firmly believe.  Obama is a one issue president, on a one term mission to bring about “redistributive change” and take us down several notches on the world stage.  Everything else be damned, unless it can be used to his advantage.


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