July 14, 2010

Sodas Bad…Pot Good…and they will learn to like it.

 fatalbert This is sort of and OCD and ADD post.  Sometimes I hear people say something and it just keeps repeating itself over and over in my brain and I have to let it out.

First up, Michelle Obama talking to the NAA(L)CP, In Kansas City yesterday, she tells them that they need to intensify their efforts… and Rush asked an excellent (of course) question…whom do they need to intensify their efforts AGAINST?  Who is holding them back, who has their boot on their neck now?

BUT the thing that Rush did not comment on was after that statement MoBacca Mobacca went into her spiel on childhood obesity. Telling those assembled:

“And we’re working to reauthorize our child nutrition legislation that will make significant new investments to revamp our school meals and improve the food that we offer in those school vending machines, so that we’re serving our kids less sugar, salt and fat, and more vegetables, fruits and whole grains….

…How about replacing all of that soda and those sugary drinks with water?  (Applause.)  Kids won’t like it at first, trust me.  But they’ll grow to like it.  Or deciding that they don’t get dessert with every meal.  As I tell my kids, dessert is not a right.  (Laughter.)  Or they don’t get it every day.”

Doesn’t that just sum up the entire Administration’s view of how they feel toward the American people?  “They won’t like it at first, but they will learn to like it.”  It is similar to the reason so many of us do not like Obamacare, according to Obama, it is because ‘we don’t understand it, but once he explains it, we will like it…or learn to like it’

And I heard again today where in the UK they are evaluating restrictions on what parents can send to school in sack lunches for the same reason…kids are fat.  Another thing that is apparently becoming more common is the schools feeding the kids three times a day.  Just how far are they from the state raising their kids completely?

no_coke Next up, At first when I heard the story I thought they meant the City was taking a stand against Cocaine…and I thought “good for them”, but no, they are taking a stand against Coca Cola; the moonbat mayor of San Freakcisco …has outlawed those same sugary beverages Mobacca is against in all vending machines on public property.  I just find this terribly funny in a city where 74% of voters are apparently in favor of legalizing marijuana.  So you can smoke grass at city hall, but stay away from the coca cola…. 

Imagine getting the shakedown in by the SFPD for walking down the streetweed_we_trust smoking a doobie and drinking a Mtn Dew in two years…and getting the Mtn Dew confiscated… !   HA, talk about a no win situation, smoke all the weed you want but stay away from the fattening doritos…I guess carrot sticks will have to curb the munchies.

So once again, we are learning it is still acceptable to hate on at least one group left…big fat fatties like me.


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