July 26, 2010

Charles Sherrod, "Finally We Must Stop the White Man and his Uncle Toms from Stealing our Elections"

by the Left Coast Rebel

I chastised Andrew Breitbart in regards to the out of context nature of the 'chopped' Sherrod video that he released. So did two of my best friends in the fifth estate - Les Carpenter at Rational Nation and Dean at Beers With Demo. Raise your hand if you did as well.

So as a liberty-minded political blogger I quickly moved on from the story as the leftist press cabal heightened it into the end of the week to flex their Alinsky muscles.

Late to the party, cue Washington Post's E.J. Dionne today and his pathetic, nasea-inducing drivel calling for the Obamanation to 'stand up' to the 'right wing machine' and such.

Enough Right Wing Propaganda!, Dionne writes.

How utterly predictable. Useful idiots like Dionne want to keep the Sherrod meme alive (perhaps to excite the nutroots base, among other things) so I am forced to carry a new angle to the Sherrod story.

This time though it's Shirley Sherrod's husband, Charles Sherrod, not out of context and clearly radical, racist stuff. Dan Riehl took the 'google skills' out of the tool shed and uncovered a video that showing Charles Sherrod ranting that “finally we must stop the white man & his uncle toms from stealing our elections.”

Dan found some other juicy details as well so go here to read his article.

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