July 19, 2010

ObamaCare and Social Security: Insurance when convenient; A Tax when necessary.

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There are not enough curse words and  epithets to fully express how I feel right now.  Obama is playing the same playbook to keep obamacare that FDR did to swindle the American  People into swallowing OASDI, better known as Social Security.  Remember, so many of us said that it is unconstitutional to require people to buy insurance…well, duh, we have been there before.  OASDI is an insurance when it needs to be and the rest of the time it is a tax… First read part of an excellent post done by Les over at Rational Nation USA  and also posted here on LCR so that you can understand what I am so exercised about…
Remember back when ObamaCare collectivism was being debated?  Recall that the"One", and his Democrat minions, declared that the mandate to purchase health care was not a tax? Surprise! Now that the progressive collectivist have won another for the books they are switching the tune.
The Obama administration is now declaring in open court the mandate requiring  an individual to purchase health insurance, scheduled to take effect in 2014, is simply an exercise of the government's "power to lay and collect taxes." In addition, their belief is that this power exceeds even the federal government power to regulate interstate commerce.
In a brief filed by the Justice Department in response to the challenges in court by over twenty states ans several private concerns the Obama administration take the position the mandate to purchase health care coverage is "a valid exercise" of Congress's power to impose taxes. The department said the Congress can use its taxing power "even for purposes that would exceed its power under other provisions" of the Constitution.
Here is what Obama had to say earlier during the debates over collectivist ObamaCare in an interview with G. Stephanopoulos on ABC's program "This Week."
"For us to say that you've got to take responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase." When Mr. Stephanopoulos stated, referring to a dictionary,  the mandate appeared to fit the definition of a tax the President replied, "I absolutely reject that notion."

Okay, first it was not a tax. Now that the collectivist Obamacare is law it is suddenly a tax  the Congress has every right and power to levy. Whew, I guess when you are "Obama the One" your only principle need be one that furthers your agenda. Even if that means being disingenuous or down right dishonest
I don't know if I am correct here. But I am certainly seeing the dark shadow of increasing statist progressive collectivism and it's belief that the tax payers money is the really the governments and therefor they have the right and power to tax whatever the H they so determine is appropriate.
Read the full content of the article in Money & Policy...The New York Times.
Cross posted at Left Coast Rebel.

Rational Nation USA
Now… How does social Security factor in?  Because they did the SAME THING before.  It was “insurance” when being sold to the american people…until people who were philosophically against insurance spoke up…then it was a tax.  It is Insurance when convenient and a Tax when necessary… Read my old post here, snippets of which are below.
“When the bill we call Social Security (OASDI) was first introduced in 1935 it was full of all kinds of Insurance jargon, and it was explained as an Insurance policy, by none other than FDR himself. Why? Well, during the Depression most financial institutions failed, which is why the FDIC was created. Insurance companies were by and large spared from collapse, and most folks trusted them. Also, culturally in 1935 people were against “relief” as welfare was called.”
“BUT, during the the final days of the debate on the bill, the insurance language was downplayed because Congress was afraid that the Supreme Court would declare it unconstitutional as the Constitution had no provision for the Government to run an insurance program. (Oh, for the days when the supreme court could be trusted to do the right thing). So during the passage the tax collecting part and the insurance parts were separated. This is KEY because you need to understand there is nothing binding the two together.”
The Government stated in its defense that OASDI was
“in no sense a federally adminstered ‘insurance’ under which a worker pays premiums over the years and acquires at retirement…a right to receive…a fixed monthly benefit IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT CONGRESS HAS CHOSEN TO IMPOSE FROM TIME TO TIME…the ‘contribution’ exacted under [the plan] from an employee…IS A TRUE TAX…it is NOT COMPARABLE to an [insurance premium]…” AND “no contractual obligation exists on the part of the Government and no contractual right of a beneficiary could coexist with this reservation of power”
So once again, history is repeating itself with the O-ministration copying the FDR playbook.  This is how Obamacare will always work…“no contractual obligation exists on the part of the Government and no contractual right of a beneficiary could coexist with this reservation of power”
Think about that…  They will not need to ration care because there will not be a contractual obligation OF CARE.   Remember; IT IS NOW A TAX.
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