July 07, 2010

Liberal Myth: Defense is Biggest in Federal Budget

I get so tired of hearing this.  Here is a chart I whipped up using a table I got from: http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/fy2011/assets/hist03z2.xls.

I left out the Housing and Finance line items along with the post office because I could not make heads or tails out of that, serious book cooking going on there apparently.  Everything else looks extremely straightforward on this table.

Comparing 2008 (the last year of the Evil Bush, surely a year in which the warmongering Bush would have let little old ladies and children die to fund his thirst for blood) to the estimated 2010 final numbers; here is how it breaks down in Millions:

2008-2010 fed budget

Social security edges out National defense for the last four years (actually going all the way back to 1993)  But that is not the whole story. 

Total Categories Fed Budget 08 to 10

Once you add all the Health and Human services budgets up, and even throwing the VA in with the Defense Budget here is how they stack up.  HHS is Social Security, Income Security, Medicare, Health, Education, Training, Employment and other Social Services.  Defense is National Defense and Veterans Benefits.  All other is Transportation, Administration of Justice, International Affairs, Natural Resource and Environment, General Science and Space Technology, Government, Community and Regional Development, Agriculture, and Energy.

So not only is our HHS outlay about three times that of our Defense Budget, but as the chart clearly shows all spending has went up appreciably since 2008, even defense. 

There is just no way to get around that…as long as you believe Whitehouse.gov numbers.  Which I don’t.  I am willing to bet it is much more money, and skewed much farther towards ‘benefits’


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