July 30, 2010

Missouri 7th Primary Election Candidates and Issues Aug 3rd 2010

We are just a few days away.  Voting is important, Everyone needs to get to the polls in the Primary Elections.  Maybe the most important thing on the Missouri Primary Ballot this year is Proposition C which will put the MO Constitutional  Amendment blocking Obamacare on the Ballot in November.

To see what State Senate District you live in Click below:
To see what State Assembly (State house of Representatives) District you live in click below:
To see Candidates for Missouri State Offices click here : http://www.votesmart.org/election_state.php?state_id=MO 
To see Candidates for Federal Office Click here:
To Find out WHERE you Vote click here:
Ballot Measures include:
Constitutional Amendment 1 Election of County Assessors
Constitutional Amendment 2 Former Prisoners of War Property Tax Exemption
Proposition C Participation in a Federal Health Care System  WHICH I WILL BE VOTING YES ON…we want this  so we can avoid the personal mandate of Obamacare.

There are 7 Candidates for US House Of Representatives 7th District running on the Republican Ticket.  I will not say who I am voting for.  What I will say is that there are 4 Good Candidates in my Opinion, they are: Jeff Wisdom, Jack Goodman, Gary Nodler, and Michael Wardell.  I have spoken to these four each briefly and only long enough to make a first impression (with the exception of Wardell who I have spoken to quite a bit).  Any of these four would be acceptable if they do as they have stated they will do.  I do have a candidate picked out, he is the one I believe balances ability to win in November with true constitutional values.
Who I WILL NOT be voting for is Billy Wrong…er I mean Long.  A vote for Billy Long = terrible decision on the part of the 7th district.
For the State Senate we have one Republican Candidate running unopposed…RON RICHARD
For US Senate the only real Choice for me is Roy Blunt
For Auditor we have : ALLEN ICET or  TOM SCHWEICH 
There has been some nasty ads and accusations for the auditor job.  Schweich supposedly gave 500 dollars to Claire Bear in 2001…which makes me gag, but he worked for John Bolton and John Ashcroft, and is a bit of an outsider.
Icet is a term limited Missouri state representative…. with just about all the Missouri Congress behind him.  He seems to be the GOP establishment favorite…
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