July 01, 2010

We have to make them stink

Many people may not know that propane is heavier than air, in fact it displaces air and is also extremely flammable. Another unique fact about propane is that it does not naturally have any odor. But, anyone who has used a propane grill, or lantern, or who lives in a rural area where homes are heated with the stuff knows that it stinks.

The stink is added. It is a protective measure so that people can quickly identify when there is a leak. The smell warns of danger.

Now when scientists were thinking about what smell to use as a warning, I do not know for sure, but I imagine that good smells were quickly discounted. The smell of chocolate chip cookies would not Immediately make people think of danger, roses or honesuckles would not cause the appropriate visceral reaction. No, I am sure early on the decided they needed a powerful stink. One that was hard wired in our lizard brain to make us immediately think something was wrong.

It is a sulphurous rotten egg smell but more unnatural. No one who smells it thinks it is pleasant and we all know what to do when we smell it.

Raise the alarm, find the leak, keep everyone back, fix the problem, get rid of the smell. Make it stop.

My point is, this is what we have to develop when it comes to Marxist progressive socialist collectivist statist thought. Until we make these ideas reek so bad to our lizard brains; until revulsion is hard wired into our souls at the thought of Marxism, we will not be on the winning side. We must start with education. We have to build the case and keep it simple and unfiltered that progressive socialist statist ideas are foul.

Until the utterance of "I think it is better for everyone when you spread the wealth around" or, " are you telling me we have to spend more to get out of debt, yeah that is what I am telling you." gets a person immediately derided and ignored we are fighting a losing battle. Because the idea that the shiftless and lazy can get something for nothing by simply voting in a candidate willing to do things for them is cancerous and easily spread. Until local schoolboards get serious about getting rid of socialist teachers and socialist textbooks our kids will be learning it all wrong. Until we become less concerned with being politically correct instead of just being correct or historically and constitutionally correct we will continue to divide ourselves and pander to the lowest denominator. Until this country learns to despise at an instinctual level careerist politicians who probably need a tour guide to get across the street or order lunch; until the words 'union' and 'entitlement' burn in our noses and assault our senses; we will not be able to take this country back

We have to make em stink.

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