August 03, 2010


Pete Stark is one of the most vile, hateful, incompetent left-wing statists this country has ever had to put up with. He is a truly disgusting man whose values (or lack thereof) are an anathema to 90% of the people in every corner of this country.

Recent videos from a town hall meeting in Pete's congressional district show that Pete's constituents are finally fed up. But to overcome the power of incumbency, Pete Stark's constituents need our help!

If we don't act immediately to help the people of CA-13, the people in Pete Stark's district will not have a serious alternative to Stark on the ballot in November. Currently Pete is only opposed by one person, Forest Baker (R), a candidate who does not appear to be running a serious campaign.

Forest Baker's campaign webpage is just that: a page. No links, no contribution button, no social media, no color! The page is monochrome! If you google hard enough, you can find a campaign Facebook page, but there's nothing serious there either.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin, we now know there's a serious candidate who is ready to run against Pete Stark, but the window of opportunity to get on the ballot is closing fast! Chris Pareja is a Tea Party independent who is working hard to get the 9,500 signatures he needs to get on the ballot. Friday is the deadline!

Chris Pareja explains:

"The signature collection team did an awesome job this weekend. Many people are sun burnt and tired. We collected 1305 signatures, which is awesome, but we still need 7500 more valid signatures by Friday. If you believe in miracles, please pray for one."

I'm sure Chris Pareja would prefer to get a few hundred extra signatures to buffer against the legal challenges that would surely come from Stark and his allies if Pareja only gets the bare minimum number of signatures.

I urge all bloggers who read this to put up a post to draw attention to Chris Pareja so he can get the signatures he needs.

Spread the word through all social media avenues.

Friends, we can make this happen...but we have to act now!
Chris Pareja for Congress:


Pete Stark: "I wouldn't dignify you by peeing on your leg"

Pete Stark: "The Federal Government can do most anything in this country."

Pete Stark: Refusing to hire illegals might be unconstitutional.

Pete Stark: Sending kids to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the President's amusement.

"There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit."
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