August 07, 2010

We Are the Ones

There is no denying, we are at a pivotal point in, ofcourse, national history but also in our movement to restore the country. As we approach these important elections in November we can expect the ratcheting up of demoralizing and negative spin coming from the leftist favoring media. This is why it is important to remind ourselves and our fellow conservatives, that is precisely what communists do. They try to win via intimidation and overwhelming their opponents.

We are hearing the narrative already. The Tea Party Movement is floundering. We are losing steam. There is in fighting among various components of the movement. The Tea Party Movement is leaderless. Nothing will change with Republicans in charge. We can not possibly gain enough seats to make a difference.

It is easy to fall into their trap. And conservatives do it all too often. Even more important to point out is the idea that we can not allow ourselves to put too much hope in this one election. Conservatives every where are similar. We are not activists by nature. We would simply like to get back to the business of our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Our largest risk is when this election doesn't allow for that, many on our side will be discouraged and shrink from the responsibility we have and in turn, hand the left more power.

We have escaped the nets for a reason. This is our time. This is our moment. We either hold on to everything our forefathers gave us or we lose it all. November is just the beginning of a long hard fight. Man up, buck up and hold on to your hats.
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