August 06, 2010

Sam Foster, aka Conservative Generation Burns Down the House The Daily Caller

by the Left Coast Rebel

Another milestone and achievement for the Left Coast Rebel team, folks. Sam Foster who you have come to know here as Conservative Generation just published his first Daily Caller piece:

Me on Daily Caller

It's title, "GM and Chrysler bleed jobs While Obama claims Victory" and exemplifies C-Gen's spot-on analysis, reportage and awesome writing these days:

Lacking substantive evidence of any policy success, Obama and leftwing apologists have reduced their talking points to heralding a Hollywood style alternate reality; literally, copying the popular plot line in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” and inserting the absence of Obama policies as the linchpin that would have unraveled the universe. Without Obama’s stimulus, your job would not exist. Without Obama’s Health care plan, you would not be able to afford health care. Without instigating a government takeover of two private, American companies, the entire auto industry would have dissolved.

Brilliant! Read the rest here and please link, post and share this via. social media outlets.
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