August 21, 2010

Marco Rubio: American Exceptionalism

by the Left Coast Rebel

Recent polling has showed that the Florida senate run between 'independent' progressive Charlie Crist and Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio to be a dead heat.

What do you do?

Nary a teleprompter in sight, Marco Rubio delivered a stirring speech at a campaign stop on Friday centered on American exceptionalism:

I got shafted here in California as my candidate -- Chuck DeVore -- went down in flames in the primary process.

But residents of the sunshine state have a choice.

Marco Rubio would certainly get my vote, would he yours?

Move along Charlie Crist - there is butt-floss in your future and it can all be yours:


Hat tip Moonbattery, via Florida Independent, go to here, cross posted to LCR.
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