August 03, 2010

Where POLITICO may have it wrong

Here is how Politico sees the Missouri Senate Primary Race:

Missouri Senate

Republican primary

…with former House Majority Whip Roy Blunt campaigning for the GOP nomination — with all the baggage of a career in Congress and a vote for the Troubled Assets Relief Program — political insiders will be watching just how high underfunded state Sen. Chuck Purgason’s vote total can go. It’s unlikely the state legislator will get within even generous shouting distance of Blunt, but if the front-runner disappoints it could be a sign of vulnerability for the fall race against Democratic Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.

It has been said that Politics is the art of the Possible.  If that is the case then even though Ol’ Roy Blunt has been in politics forever he is really the only one to vote for in the primary.  As litmus tests go, he may look like a RINO to some of us in extreme freedom and liberty loving SWMO but he is a pretty conservative guy all things considered.  When you cast your vote in the primary you have to vote for the person that balances your issues with the best chance of beating the opposition candidate in the fall.  Robin Carnahan is a Liberal and more importantly…and ominously…she is a Carnahan.  This is the choice between a person who goes to a different church than you vs someone who sacrifices goats to Baal…not much of a choice there.  Yes blunt voted for TARP…yes that makes him less than stellar…but hold your nose and vote for him, or if Perguson wins the primary Carnahan money will steamroll him.  Carnahan would be for TARP every day all day long and Obamacare, and anything else dreamed up by the Moonbats.  She is a Carnahan.  I sincerely hope Perguson does not “Perot” us.

Missouri 7th District

Republican primary

A crowded field of Republicans, including several current and former state legislators, are competing for Blunt’s old House seat in the 7th Congressional District. It’s a conservative district in which any Republican nominee would be strongly favored in November, but auctioneer Billy Long’s insurgent campaign has made the race unexpectedly heated, and the national conservative group Americans for Job Security recently launched television ads against Long in an attempt to stop his bid.

All I have to say is woe be unto us if we elect Billy Long.  He would fit right in with Rangel and Waters and all the other crooks in DC.  Vote for Goodman, Nodler, Wardell, or Wisdom.  Vote for someone who can beat the dems in the fall, and yet not be the same thing. 

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