September 09, 2009

1st post of the trip...

Apparently I'm on the watch lists as I was " randomly" searched at the airport. You should have seen the security guards faces when they saw my medicine collection. The officers were very nice though and let me
get away with 2 things that were slightly oversized. It's raining so hard you can't see the runway from the window so I would not rule out a delayed flight.

here- my flight left on time and I have arrived in ATL am now at my gate for the next flight. Little cousin is in cincinatti waiting for her next flight no drama anywhere so far.

Kook again - met a nice lady from hot springs Arkansas; she was on flight from xna to ATL and had never been to ATL so I helped her find where we were both going she is wearing a remember 9-11 short so I asked her and sure enough she is all signed up for the various activities. Ahh being on the company of fellow patriots is comforting.

Now on the ground in DC... a kook goes to Washington, little cousin safe on ground as well.
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