September 08, 2009

Simple solutions for simple minds

Maybe I am beginning to understand the allure of the Obama pResidency. Everything he asks us to do is so easy. First, we had to vote for him (early and often) and if we did that then he would have his organized muscle give us coffee and cigarettes and sometimes even a few bucks. If, after voting for him he actually won the white house, then if you were a sheeple, you could believe that he would make your car payment and/or fill your tank. He actually came close to fulfilling the car payment part with the Hybrids for Hoopties*, I mean, Cash for Clunkers bill. One could even imagine that Obama would remodel your kitchen if that is what one wanted to believe. Then, we learned that saving the environment** was as simple as airing up your tires and changing your light bulbs. What could be more simple than that? Now we are learning that avoiding The Plaugue of our Time (tm) more commonly known as Swine Flu or H1N1 Virus*** is as no-brainer easy as washing our hands.**** I could probably go on with more examples but I think these are enough to say that these are simple "solutions" for simple minds. Obama tries to make it easy; tries to sell his base on the idea that they are changing the world one tiny insignificant action at a time. All the while he is busy at work turning this nation into the Orwellian utopia he has longed dreamed of

* this is what Van Jones called his original proposal for the program (not to beat a dead commie)
** if you believe the environment needs saving or that we could do so if we tried.
*** if you are inclined to believe this "pandemic" will 'pan' out the way they are warning it will
****handwashing does prevent the spread of disease but for the POTUS to do a Public service message on basic hygiene is pretty silly and frankly beneath the office. Next he wil be asking children to say their prayers and eat their vitamins so that they can grow up big and strong and be part of the O-corps.

This public service message brought to you by the letter O and the number 0

Obama: Simple Solutions for Simple Minds

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