September 09, 2009

Just chillin in DC and thoughts on Zeros speech.

So we all made it to the Hotel. We walked across the street and got some barbecue (of all things) in DC.

Joel says that I am as cRaZy as you all thought; and I have concerns regarding Joel as well. Keemo also sent her thoughts as she expressed them all over Joel's arms before he left this morning.

We watched the joint propaganda speech which was apparently based on Economic theory from some alternate universe where we can spend nearly a trillion dollars on healthcare AND not increase the deficit any more than it has already been swelled to; AND not increase taxes any either. One question: if it was possible to do that why has no administration prior to this one ever thought of this?

Secondly did anyone else see the Pineapple Princess nearly completely lose it, allowing the full on evil craziness free and jump on her broom to zoom around the room with her flying monkeys smiting all of the Republicans who called it like they saw it: a big ol pile of horsequeeze? She just about lost her glamour and showed her true form, I think she is some type of gorgon.

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