September 13, 2009

The Ruly Mob

Whether you believe the lowball estimates of sixty thousand (comically low) or the optimistic estimate of some of two million, it is safe to say that there were more people in attendance than show up for a rock concert and I would say the crowd was larger than the famed wrestlemania three silverdome record of one hundred and two thousand give or take. There were a LOT of people there.

I have been to many concerts and sporting events. There was no pushing and no shoving. You heard a near constant "excuse me", "pardon me", " I am sorry", "oh no problem", "you're fine", and "thank you"

I have never felt safe in a large group of people, and I felt perfectly safe In this crowd. Strangers were saving each others seats while they went to the restroom. Strangers asking strangers if they minded if they smoked. A woman lost her son and he was escorted to a police officer and she was reunited with him unharmed in less than an hour.

More later

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