September 14, 2009

The true count of 9-12 protesters

We thought we could pull it off, we really did. We thought with enough preparation and organization we could really make it happen but we just couldn't. The mainstream media is just too wily for us. Yep, it is true, the protest was really just Joel and I. Yep, just the two of us. We thought it was a masterful plan. I mean if the moon shot was all done on a Hollywood soundstage and 9/11 was orchestrated by Dubya then surely the two of us could make you think a bunch of folks actually cared enough about what goes on in this country to spend their own money to go to Washington. Joel is a whiz on photoshop, and pictures of downtown D.C. are easy to get from the web. But, I have to tell you it took days to make all those signs. Part of our plan failed because how were we to know that Pelosi and Obama would both be gone? In fact, a lot of other weasels were gone too. And although we did manage to fool Fox into thinking that there were "tens of thousands" of ignorant bitter clinging rubes there, CNN, MSNBC, et. al. proved to be just too well run and smart to fall for the lie.
Oh well, we tried. Don't believe the reports of all the people who were there with eyes on the ground saying there were hundreds of thousands in attendance; believe the MSM. They report the facts...right?

I am very disappointed with Fox.

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