September 21, 2009

The New Party – A little remembered fact.

The N[np1.JPG]ew Party was a third political party in the United States that was active from 1992 to 1998.

The New Party was founded in the early 1990s by Daniel Cantor, a former staffer for Jesse Jackson's 1988 presidential campaign, and by sociology and law professor Joel Rogers as an effort to break with the largely unsuccessful history of left-leaning third parties in the United States.

The party could best be described as social democratic (for those that do not know, social democracy supports positions that include support for a democratic welfare state merging elements of socialism and capitalism, resulting in a mixed economy combined with a comprehensive welfare state) in orientation, although party statements almost invariably used the terms "small-d democratic" or "progressive" instead. Its founders chose the name "New Party" in an effort to strike a fresh tone, free of associations with dogmas and ideological debates.

After a false start in New York, the New Party built modestly successful chapters in several states. Some of these chapters — such as those in Chicago and Little Rock — had their main bases of support in the low-income community organizing group ACORN, along with some support from various labor unions especially the SEIU or Service Employees International Union. Left-wing critics of the New Party, such as supporters of the Green Party, argued that the New Party was merely a pressure group on the fringes of the Democratic Party, rather than a genuinely new political party

My point? We the American People were not told about these things during the campaign or before. If anything Beck, O’Reilly, and all the blogs have been too kind to the legacy media and the Oministration. The ties are deeper and worse than anyone ever imagined. Wait…you didn’t zoom in the picture did you? Look at it. That is right, our Dear Leader was endorsed by this “party”. This got like one mention in the press that I can remember during the election but BHO said that he was not a member of the party and the story lost traction and was forgotten. The more we learn of Van Jones, and the rest of the gang the more we seem shocked at the layers upon layers of connections to Statism (Socialism/Communism, etc.) and Radicalism. We recently learned that Valerie Jarrett’s mother worked for Bill Ayers’ Father. And that her Father in Law was friends with Frank Marshall Davis, who was friends with BHO’s Grandfather. Davis as we all know was a mentor to young Barry Obama-Soetoro. That they all knew each other is a given. I do not want to rehash what many of you know, and if you do not know it just Google those names together to catch up. The point I want to make is that how in heaven’s name did this guy get this far with these ties? We all know the corruption in the so called MSM. But I have difficulty wrapping my head around just how BAD it is. I knew McCain was a lame duck, but I didn't realize just how bad he was either. With all of this DIRT everywhere on the now pResident why on earth did McCain not capitalize on this stuff? How easy would this have been? Sour grapes now, I know. I guess I am just saying that some times I think that maybe, just maybe, I am listening to the wrong things and I have got it all wrong. Then I start reading and googling, and BLAMMO it is worse than I thought.

Make no mistake we have a Statist, Central Planning, Capitalist Hating Anti-Liberty Radical in the White House, and Race ain’t got a damn thing to do with it.

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