September 13, 2009

Some final thoughts on our trip...

Here are just some random thoughts as I wait for my flight. On the entire trip as a whole it was awesome. I can't think of a way it would have been any better.

As for our fellow protestors, we took over D.C. and gave a lesson to the "worshipers of Woodstock" that 100,000 plus people can gather peacefully without "free love or drug overdoses".

As for the media...ignorance must be bliss, because the media revels in it. The thought of the media skipping out on an event that huge is a travesty and simply more proof that the media has abandoned it's job as news reporting in favor of newsmaking.

As for my company, I was treated like family by people I have never before met in person. Kook has been every bit the patriot in person that he has been as a blogging partner. We had other company too. That person was someone that I will always remember as a kindred spirit and as someone I came to think of as a good friend, very much like Kook, despite having spent such little time together.

On the whole if there were anything I would change about this trip overall, it would be nothing. I got to see lots of DC, have lots of fun, meet people from every part of the country and end the trip with one of, if not the largest event I have ever had the honor of being a part of. To quote a friend, it was "beyond epic."
But now while the trip is over, the task has just begun. I have loads of photos to share, to bring you as close to the action as possible. Know that doing so will be a task made difficult as it will be a reminder of the friends I have now left behind.

That being said, we have a long fight ahead, to stop the stealing of our freedoms that have been gradually stolen for the last century. Also know this, that I have seen firsthand the army of American patriots that are with us in this fight. If I were the "betting" type and you can guarantee that my money would be with the patriots who stood at the capital and spoke their minds as our pResident turned tail and ran off to Wiscnconcin.

Lastly I would like to thank Kook and family, as well as my family for sharing this opportunity with me. It was a once in a lifetime experience and for that, I will be forever grateful.
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