September 16, 2009

The Conservative Lady: The 9/12 March on DC: A Proud Day For The American People

The 9/12 March on DC: A Proud Day For The American People

I've been reading some of the posts of my blogger friends who have written about their experiences at Saturday's 9/12 March on DC. I will try to expand on their stories with my photos and thoughts, but I think we all are basically reporting the same was one of the most gratifying things we have done in our lives.
On Friday my husband and I drove from New Jersey and arrived in Alexandria, VA where we met up with our friends. The hotel was packed with people from all over the country and everyone was excited to be there for the Saturday march.

We took the Metro on Saturday morning from the Van Dorn station, which is pretty far from DC. People just kept piling on as we rode to our final destination. It was standing room only. We sat next to a dentist and a medical doctor from South Carolina. Both were outspoken about their opposition to ObamaCare and Obama administration's policies in general.
The site that greeted us when we emerged from the Metro at the Federal Triangle stop was breathtaking. As we approached Pennsylvania Ave., the sea of people was overflowing onto the sidewalks. The police were telling the people to get off of the sidewalks, because the permit was only good for the street. But the street was so filled, and the press of people so great, that it was almost impossible not to overflow onto the sidewalks.
The marchers were trying to line up by state and, by some miracle, the Florida group was moving through the lines led by the state flag, so we were able to start the march with our fellow Floridians. And speaking of miracles, during the march down Pennsylvania Ave. we actually ran into 3 friends of ours from Florida in the crowd. One couple had traveled by bus from Florida the day before and headed back to Florida Saturday night.

We were in the midst of so many people that we couldn't move. But with all the crowd squeezed together, there was no pushing or shoving. The crowd politely made way for wheelchairs and people who asked to move through. An ATM repairman with a big, heavy bag of tools who unfortunately found himself having to cross the street to make his way to a job, was helped and guided through by the protesters.
The crowds were so great, that the march began early. We were lucky to be far enough in the front to be among the protesters on the Capitol lawn. So many were kept behind the fences and had to line up all along the mall down to the Washington Monument. It was a site to behold.

Although the skies threatened rain all day, we were blessed with dry, cool weather. The speakers were enthusiastic and motivating. The people were courteous, kind and helpful. We had folks come up to us, shake our hands and thank us for coming. The Capitol Police were respectful and helpful, but they sure weren't needed to help me feel safe. I have never felt safer among a crowd of people in my life.
The people we met were proud to be there and most have never attended a protest in their life. Many took their children. What was obvious, and unfortunately misrepresented in the state-run media, is the fact that the people at the rally were there on their own, taking time from their busy schedules, traveling thousands of miles, spending their hard earned money on transportation and hotels just to be in DC on that special day. All of this was done for love of their country and fear for it's future.

I have heard differing estimates as to how many people were in attendance. I don't doubt that there were over a million in attendance. I saw it with my own eyes.
I also want to add that at the end of the protest, the Capitol grounds were left spotless. Trash was placed in bags and taken with the protesters or placed in trash cans around the area.

There is one thing I know...this experience has proved to me that the people of this country are waking up. The patriots at the rally are a testament to the greatness of this country. It will be a direct result of them and those around the country with like minds, that we will get our country back on track.
I want to personally thank everyone who attended a rally on Saturday or who supported the rallies around the country. I know many of you could not attend one in person, but I know you were there in spirit. We're all in this together and if Saturday was an example of our determination and resolve, then we can be assured that we are fighting a good fight.
This is not the end. We have a long way to go. Keep the faith and keep on fighting for our Republic.

The Conservative Lady: The 9/12 March on DC: A Proud Day For The American People

Well Said…Well Said.

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