September 08, 2009

One day and counting....

I woke up this morning with my bags all packed, took off to the airport (knowing I am on every terrorist watch list I the country so I will be searched) and I got to the counter for the carrier that I am flying, and ask the very nice girl at the counter where I needed to go from there and she asked:"Are you planning on spending the night?". I answered "in DC, yes, I am staying several nights." She answered back no, I mean here, sir." I just lookt at her silently and quite confused and she then explained it:". Sir, your flight doesn't leave until tomorrow so I guess you must be spending the night." That was an awkward moment as I didn't know what to say, and neither did she until we both busted out laughing because this whole story has been joke just to give you folks something entertaining to read. We all know that this is not a plausible scenario, right Kook? I hope you folks have a wonderful day as I won't be on the blogs much today as I am relaxing, going to get my sleep on for a while, then take my relaxing drive down early that looks out over the ocean that I skipped out on yesterday and then then hang with Keemo and my family for the evening so there is little time to blog. I ask that all of you pray to whatever deity you pray to that KOOK, Chelsea and I arrive safely, have a fun and fruitful trip along wth all the other protertors too. It Is a noble thing they are doing and this could be a pivotal point in American history so when I ask to pray for us it is not just for our physical safety, but that trip has a positive impact on this Nation's future.

Thank you all AD33.
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