September 23, 2009

The story of stuff

Let's conduct a little thought experiment shall we? I briefly toyed with the idea of going through this script line by line but it would be too long to hold a readers attention. So, read it yourself and then you tell me why it is unthinkable for this to be lauded as a great lesson to teach to our children. The new York Slimes has given this crap its seal of approval as a wonderful way for our kids to learn about many issues important to today.
Read the script and then post a comment or send me an email why this is wrong. Best comment gets it's own post here and at conservative blog central. Click the link to read the file:
The Story of Stuff annotad unabridged script.

Back To Basics Part I -Exceptionalism not Imperialism

Back To Basics - Part II - Exceptional Science
Back To Basics Part III - Exceptional Economy
Back To Basics Part IV - Exceptional Culture
Back to Basics V Recap

Read the Script to the Story of Stuff Here

Ps. The story, video, book, and website for this "educational material" is funded by the Tides Foundation. Friends of Apollo and Acorn.
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