September 01, 2009


We have all talked of the lull due to the recess, and have spoken of it as the calm before the storm. Do not be deceived. They know we are coming and BOTH sides are preparing for war. The accounts in history are many and describe clearly the calmness before the battle is joined, when both sides make ready. Just because the reportage in the news lately has not drawn our immediate ire, do not fall prey to the calming effect that time has on our demeanors. There is a reason for each and every blogger who starts to put thoughts to screen. We are no different in purpose than any of the founders who wrote pamphlets and columns in newspapers and letters to friends, except they were more educated, eloquent, and enlightened than we. There is also a reason that blogs such as mine and all of yours have attracted others who may not feel the compulsion to vent their frustration and anger at a screen, or to persuade others to the truth. These people want to know and to understand and they too share the frustration, the anger, the angst, and the sadness of what they see. The need for this assembly in our capital on 9.12 grows ever more urgent despite the apparent calmness in the news.

This demonstration is to force the awakening of the ignorant and the apathetic in our country of what is transpiring, so that first one thing then another provokes a united rumbling and resounding response that can no longer be ignored. I do not care if it continues to be ignored by those holding the reins of power now, they do so at their peril. Our goal should be to awaken the rest of the People. Awaken them as we were awakened after we watched two towers fall. It has become more than a struggle on a single issue where we must find common ground. This is a struggle to take back control of our once blessed Republic and snatch her from the precipice from which the Washington elite have positioned her. I have a single comment I ask you all to think on; Those who represent us, (and I use the term “represent” loosely), have never had a problem agreeing on those issues that increase their power and thicken their wallets.

I couldn’t care less whether they claim to be Republican or Democrat, the identity they select to disguise their avarice is irrelevant to our primary concern…they no longer listen to Us, they no longer fear Us. We are no longer being represented by them, and in so doing, they forget themselves. They do not rule by fiat; they do not have a divine birthright no matter what their last name might be. They are not ordained by the creator. They are simply people, men and women, who were ostensibly chosen to go forth and do OUR business as opposed to theirs. They do now draw their authority to rule over us from nothing we have consented to give. They trample our contract,(The Constitution), and label us AstroTurf, Bitter Clingers, Domestic Terrorists, Hicks, Hillbillies, Homophobes, Kooks, a Mob, Nazis, Nutjobs, Rednecks, Rubes, Racists, TeaBaggers, Zealots, and every other imaginable and demeaning term their arrogance can devise when we proclaim their divergence from and hold them accountable to their original oath and question their allegiance.

Today, tomorrow and every day forward we must not allow them to divide us on the petty and insignificant issues that divide us into smaller groups that they can handily eradicate or set against one another.

I ask you to unite on the singular issue most glaringly despicable in the Capitol: their dismissal of Us. They want us to believe that they are no longer answerable to the American people or our laws.

But. They. Are.

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