September 05, 2009

Who's With Me?

The time draws near, fellow patriots. I know some of you are going into the proverbial lion's den in a few short days with me. I know many of you will be attending local events. Still others will be following the various events by radio, Internet or television. Most of you I have never met except for out here in cyberspace, but I do feel that I have seen into many of your lives through the words you cast into the ethers; your thoughts put into words by your fingers angrily or sometimes humorously flying over the keyboard. So whether you are on the job, stuck in traffic, or sitting at home on the couch next week I will be thinking about all of you when I am in D.C.

Back to my original thought and the reason of the title of the post: Who is going? I am not suggeating you post room numbers or anything, that would obviously be ill advised. But I would be honored to meet any of you who are going. So I invite you to share some of your plans so that we might be able to coordinate a meetup For any of my blogging buddies who are not able to attend in D.C. Let the group know what your plans are for 9/12 if you don't mind sharing.

So... Who is with me?

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