September 12, 2009

The Americans are coming...

Today is the day

The hotel we are staying in was NOT on the list on any of the meetup type websites; it was not a choice listed by onestep either. It is FULL I as in completely. This town is packed. All different walks of life. We have been waiting for a cab for forty five minutes. We called for one an hour ago. There are many people standing in front of the hotel with me. While we were standing here an over the road driver pulled in in his rig sans trailer and walked up and said "where is this thing, and do you mind if I ride along? THAT. IS. COOL.

We have talked to people from Washington State, California, Arizona, Alabama, Florida (besides Joel) Conneticut, North Carolina, The Great Republic of TEXAS, New York, Kansas, Oklahoma and more...

The streets are packed vans, busses, cars, cabs the hotel shuttle was booked solid all three shuttles for four hours.

Our cab showed up, driven by a Vietnam vet. A true patriot, he was as against all this bs as anyone. And not that it really matters except to dispell the stereotype but the gentleman was black. I would not say he would identify himself as a conservative but he sure is not happy with the taxes and the regulations that are being passed.
Good man and a patriot in his own right.

More later...

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