September 02, 2009

Release the Hounds

Politico says it is official: No Public Option to Healthcare Reform

Well here is how I see it. This will ROYALLY piss off the far left fringes of the species. This has up to this point been his most ardent supporters. Nancy Pelosi said very recently that she could not pass a bill without the public option. So her constituents are going to be all hot and bothered. This will make the pineapple princess absolutely apoplectic. Reid’s goose is cooked in Nevada either way, he is a goner. AARP, GE, and all the Acorns and Apollo’s of the world were hell bent on the public option. How do you think that will sit with them? The best part is, this is not going to buy the Conservative’s love either. I am still not satisfied with the plan they have going even without the public option. I want Tort reform. I want more competition for pricing. Hell, I am crazy enough I want to know what the bill is actually between me and my doctor leaving my insurance out of it other than to cut a check.

My main point is although we can be happy about this, they are not going to give up, they are going to leave openings so that we can have this fight later. I think Cap and Trade is about dead, but I worry what will take its place.

And this is not going to make Obama’s problems better, this is going to make them worse. Now Pelosi is going to be gunning for him, the Jeannine Garofolo’s and Rachel Maddow’s of the world are going to be slobbering mad; and none of us are going to like him any better than we did before. It is lose lose for the big O.

What do you THINK?

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