November 02, 2009

Blog Updates

18update Periodically it is good to go over the changes and tweaks to the blog.  It has been a long time since I have done one of these and we have a lot of newer readers since then so I am going to go through a lot of the things that the blog will do.  Remember I love feedback, I do this for me, but more than that I do it for you.
Up at the top you have the Rotating Post Generator…it just cycles through the posts, click on one if it catches your fancy. Under that on the left you have the Look it Up! section  you can search Google, the dictionary, and Wikipedia right from there and the pages conveniently open in a new window.
new Also in this section is the new KOOK and AD33 greatest hits dropdown menu, these are our faves and posts that we have received praise for.
Under that on left is the Humble Libertarian Button, I agree with his view that instead of “Don’t Tread on Me!” we should say “I won’t Tread on You!” subtle distinction with huge implications
Then you got the Intense Debate Comment Stream…lets you see what the latest comments are on the blog, keeps us up to speed.  Below that is the tag cloud for the Blog, kind of like seeing what is going on in My Head (scary)Lower Down you got the Feedjit live traffic feed, where you can see where people are coming from to read our humble scribblings. Next is Guns Save Lives, the coolest roundup of guns thwarting crimes and protecting people evah!
newSad but true, I have officially been assimilated by the Twitter, I am still learning how to use this technology but hopefully it will help us spread the word. 
Below those you have some of my favorite books I have read with Shelfari, Links, Links, Conservative BC, and Fox news..
Top Middle above the first post is the rotating QuotesDaddy List of Kook’s fav Quotes…if you like them you can ask me for them and I will send you the link to the feed. 
Below each post there are several little buttons, we have the Linkwithin section that helps you pick other posts you may like. The link to leave comments, Email a link to a friend, Sharethis post - using one or several sharing sites, if you click the post title itself and go to the actual post page you can also send a Bit.Ly link via Twitter to your Peeps.
Running down the right side is the Countdown to Liberty, counting the days under our subjugation and the days until our next opportunity for freedom; all the kind folks that do not think we are crazy, or are as crazy as us. My closest Blog Buddy’s Blogs.  A box to subscribe to a daily email of the newest posts and links, Subscribe with RSS to the post feed, fave me on technorati, or add me to delicious,  The Archives of all of our Rantings, Some more partners in the cause, vote for no confidence banner with link to the website, my latest delicious links and the resist net banner.
And as always at the very top left of the screen you can search within the blog for keywords to find exactly what you are looking for.
Whew!…lotsa information on the ol’ blog these days.
We are up to an average 113 readers a day from well over thirty states, many email subscribers and 87 followers, and a rapidly growing hit count,  and we are thankful to each and everyone of you !
new---- Correction/Addition--- Previously I failed to mention a couple other changes.  AD33 has begun using some really neato software and is doing some really BaDa$$  original artwork for the blog now. 
newIn addition to that I have figured out how to properly insert pictures so that they are always clickable to enlarge and also how to put alternative text into them…

Planned for future is the Picasa Photostream for the blog…
until them…Freedom!
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