November 05, 2009

One Year Later -By Eastern Right

Big H/T to Karen Howes with this post.  I thought it was excellent.  Check out her blog.

Communist Birthday Cake It's been a year since that dark day we elected to office the most radically leftist, socialist, anti-life, and anti-Christ president we've yet had.

Many of us have only just started seeing this. The media-- even CNN (Communist News Network) and MSNBC (Most Socialist News Broadcasting Company)-- are criticizing him. Back in January, the Obama Messiah could do no wrong.

I notice that I see very, very few Obama bumper stickers or t-shirts anymore. Just as virtually no German could be found after World War II who would admit to having voting Nazi, it seems that Americans who admit to having supported Obama are likewise becoming scarce.

The Germans who voted Nazi and the Americans who voted socialist have something in common:

They were blind, in many cases willfully so. They chose to listen to what their candidates said rather than look at what they did. Germans chose to ignore what Hitler had written in his own book, while Americans chose to ignore Obama's anti-Americanism, anti-life voting record, and his many unsavory associations with radical racists, open socialists, and domestic terrorists.

Why? Well, this is another thing Hitler's and Obama's supporters had in common: they chose security over liberty, a government welfare state over a free republic.

Remember that Nazis were the National Socialist Party; the German people were, thanks to their country's rape of occupied Europe and of the Jews in particular, very well taken care of by the Reich. German citizens who didn't criticize the government and weren't Jewish had little to fear from the Gestapo, so the idea of the average German living in terror isn't quite accurate. German citizens whose homes were destroyed by Allied bombing raids had their homes and possessions replaced-- again, courtesy of their former Jewish neighbors, who were either dead or in camps and wouldn't be needing their stuff anymore.

Obama, meanwhile, promised all kinds of government goodies: "free" health care, and "stimulus" money. Many people voted for him because his face is black and/or because they thought of him as a sort of combination Santa Claus/vending machine. It seems that many of us haven't yet realized that money which the government spends doesn't magically come out of the air. And since Obama can't imprison Jews and conquer Canada and plunder their money/belongings, it's the American citizen who's going to get royally screwed.

Are you seeing a pattern here? In both cases, people chose not to see that their candidate was dangerous because they were too greedy. They chose to turn a blind eye to corruption and evil because they were being teat-fed by their government-- or thought they would be. And many came to realize, too late, who and what it was they were supporting.

I know it's become trite to compare leaders we don't like to Hitler, although Code Pinko and Berkeley types never tired of painting little square mustaches of photos of George Dubya. But in this case, I think it's a comparison worth paying attention to.

A recommended read about the Third Reich's social and economic programs that puts the lie to the idea that they were "right-wing": Hitler's Beneficiaries: Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State by Götz Aly.

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