November 19, 2009

Why the (His)Panic, Why we are missing the boat with Latinos?

hspncgop2 Western Hero: Why the (His)Panic?

This is a superb piece that I found over on Western Hero by the DeviledEgg posted by Foutsc.  I just want to add my .02c.  I love Latino people.  I love the food, and the culture, their sense of family, their work ethic, and I love the language, even though I am terrible at speaking it.  We, as Conservatives, MUST learn how to reframe the argument.  Our beef is not RACISM.  Our beef is the Rule of Law.  It is not “we don’t want any immigration”, the statement is “we want our immigration laws respected”  But Deviledegg is right, the fault really does lie on our side of the border.  We have got to figure out how to reach out and change the language.  That is what the Liberal Establishment does all the time, they change the language.  Because Latinos are naturally conservative.  They have seen what governmental corruption and the lack of rule of law create…that is why they are leaving their countries. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, and Cuba… not noted for low corruption and rule of law.

The issue really is not immigration, the issue is one of being law abiding.  If a person will break a law to enter the country, at what point to we believe that a law is important enough to follow?  More importantly, what laws do we expect THEM to follow…  anyway, on to the deviled egg’s rant:

Why the (His)Panic?

** Unhinged DeviledEgg Rant Alert! **

Alright, I'm really PO'd about illegal immigration! 
To think that the retards in congress would reward criminal trespass and identity theft with free US citizenship galls me. It also chaps my ass that any foreign fertility goddess who crosses the border can squeeze out a pup and, bingo! She's won the US lottery!
Who's stupider than us, huh?

But anyway, I started this rant because Hispanics in America are getting a bum rap, and it ain't fair. They ain't all illegal, and the ones that are wouldn't be here if the US Chamber of Commerce, businesses, and the Democratic party hadn't lured them with open borders, pathetic immigration enforcement, no-questions-asked employment and a cornucopia of social services only dreamed of south of the border.

We keep hearing they will one day be the largest demographic group in the US, and whitey is supposed to tremble at the thought. Well, that's like saying German-descent people are the majority now. Yeah, it's true, but your average Yank don't know any Deutsche besides Der Wienerschnitzel and beatchen. We've assimilated.

Hispanics assimilate easily
I know, some treat your neighborhood like little Jalisco, slaughtering hogs in the front yard and playing mariachi music all night... But give them a generation or two. Texas is filled with people with Hispanic last names who don't know a lick of Spanish.

How do I know Hispanics are easily assimilated? The evidence is all around us!
If a guy's name is Jose Ramos and he don't talk like the Frito Bandido no more, he's assimilated!
Hispanics intermarry like crazy. Like coffee and milk, American whiteys and Latin lovers just can't help mixin' it up. And the results are beautiful (excuse my moment of soft-boiled weakness).
If you say to some guy named Rodriguez, "Oye vato! Que onda?" and he says, "Excuse me, I'm with a patient right now," he's assimilated!

The average Hispanic newcomer is: 
* Christian 
* entrepreneurial (No safety nets in Latin America!) 
* hard working (again, no safety nets...) 
* anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti-tax 
* willing to live in a one bedroom apartment with 58 other men until he saves up for a place of his own 
* and almost as friendly as a drunken Irishman 

la-raza It's a natural GOP constituency if we can just get them out of the shadows and free them from the clutches of social workers waving food stamps and La Raza plying them with illegal ballots and fake drivers licenses.
Here in Europe, the average Brit, Swiss or Dane would trade their Muslims for our Hispanic "problem" in a heartbeat. Count your blessings, Dammit!
The DeviledEgg is prone to unhinged rants, childish outbursts, and fits of anger, but he's really a good egg once you get to know him. He is half German and half American and splits his time between the two countries. Western Hero is proud to add him to the team.

And I am proud to repost this great post


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