November 06, 2009

Thoughts on Terrorism and Protests

FT HOOD  AD33is working on a post for later and I don’t want to step on his toes, but I do want to share some of the thoughts I have, and express the sentiments I share with my fellow bloggers and readers. I agree with BBCW:

We Can't Forget the Congressional Terrorists

Once again a national tragedy happens at the most coincidental of times. The conspiracists will talk, and why shouldn't they. During the week of both the healthcare bill and cap and trade votes, we watch the most tragic act of radical Islamic terrorism take place within our country. This of course shifts our thoughts away from Congress as we search for answers

and here

Obama Puts Himself First Before the Military Once Again

…Upon news of the shooting yesterday, Obama got on the stage of where he was speaking and started handing out congratulations out to various members of the audience. Obama knew about the attack at Fort Hood, and he sent shout outs with laughs to the audience. Of course, the media has taken the first 1:52 seconds from his speech and cuts into the middle of his speech. …

and he beat me to this too:

Making Nidal Malik Hasan a Victim

It’s already started. They are making Nidal Malik Hasan a victim. I didn’t even have to look hard.

On the MSN, homepage, the cite the New York Times is already running a story making Hasan the victim. The slimes at the Times have contacted Hasan’s relatives and claim he was harassed for being a devout Muslim. Yeah, let’s forget that Hasan expressed sympathy for Islamic suicide bombers, and let’s get the human side of him. He suffered because of his faith, and the harassment could have absolutely nothing to do with his sympathy for people looking to kill American soldiers. It just makes me sick, but we knew this was coming. I don’t think any of us expected so soon.

Of course LCR said it well as usual:

This afternoon, knee deep in the Bachmann-rally stuff, I did catch the Obamanation press conference on this story. It was bizarre, to say the least. He seemed to beat around the bush before getting to the news of the shooting. Anyone else note the same?

Also, I cannot even tell you the words here that I would use to describe leadership in our Capitol if they use this tragedy to force a secret-distract vote on HR 3962 on Saturday. Am I right?

Dittos to what BNGfan has to say:

Tragedy at Fort Hood: Obama's Excuse?

Yesterday, Major Nadal Malik Hasan opened fire on troops stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, killing 12 and wounding 31. A psychiatrist, Hasan allegedly opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and wanted out before being deployed to Iraq. He remains in stable condition as of this writing.
While the media will be analyzing this tragedy and trying to make sense out of a senseless act, I can't help but think that this unfortunate event could be used by BHO to further his radical Communist agenda….

First, we need to wonder whether this will be Obama's reason to not commit more troops to Afghanistan and pull out completely from Iraq….

Second, we can most likely anticipate an increase in the gun control rhetoric….

Third, I look for the shooting to possibly be used to further an even more apologetic stance towards the Muslim community due to the fact that the nutjob who killed 12 troops in one fell swoop was an adherent to the "religion of peace."…

While all of this is pure speculation on my part, experience has shown us that nothing can be put past a liberal with an agenda and an ax to grind. And let's be honest. That's exactly what we have residing in the White House.

I could not agree more!

Angel  and I agree:

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Major Hasan was a convert to Izzzzzzlam. He was reportedly scheduled to deploy to either Iraq or Afghanistan and guess what?..He was unhappy about it. A recent Muzlim convert, perhaps. Not Irish. Not Amish. Oh..not even Jewish. [Or Mormon,  or Catholic, or Baptist, or Hindi, or Buddhist.  Nope, not even a or Rastafarian,Nor Pastafarian, or an Atheist, or an Agnostic uh uh.] The most malevolent, insidious MoooohaMADans are those who revert into the cult.

If someone commits a violent act in the name of a political, religious or even social cause IT’s called TERRORISM. [damn skippy!]

Even some of the comments on different blogs sum up my thoughts:

j summ said... religion of piece(s) strikes again. guy could got out anytime he wanted, he was an officer all he had to do was resign his commission.

True justice would be turning him over to the families of the victims.

06 November, 2009 07:07

Bungalow Bill said... Before I read your post, I began to think about the timing of this. Once again the focus is removed from the debate in the house and the vote tomorrow. These things always occur at the strangest times.

06 November, 2009 08:07

blackandgoldfan said... Co-inky-dink, BB??? HELL NO!!!
I'm with ya. When it looks like BHO's policies might be in trouble, we have some incident arise. It's just sad that so many people were killed or injured.

Right Click gets it right as usual:

“It's too early to draw conclusions, but it's not too early to ask questions:”

  • Question:  Why was this whacko reported as dead and now he is found alive?  Interesting ?
  • Question:  What happened to the reports of other shooter, now Hasan was the “Lone Gunman”  Interesting?
  • Question:  When we will ever wake up to the reality that profiling be damned we don’t need or want Muslims in our country, on our planes, or for damn sure not in our military?

I guess the only point I have left to make after reading everyone else’s thoughts is that we all may be crazy, but at least we are unified in our craziness.  It is amazing to me that so many people have the same reactions thoughts and questions on this issue.  That says something.Everything I need to know about Terrorism


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