November 13, 2009

Recipe for a Liberal

swedish-chef 2c. Arrogance
4c. Ignorance
1 gallon of total disregard for the lessons of history
16oz. can of endless misery and unhappiness
5 lbs of entitlement mentality, deboned.
2 TBSP love of CommieSocialism, more or less to suit taste
1 TBSP lack of personal responsibility
1 1/2 pt desire to control others.

First remove any logic or reason leaving only emotion. Marinate Entitlement Mentality in the lack of personal responsibility and the desire to control others overnight. Then Brown the five pounds of entitlement mentality, be sure you get all the bones out, everyone likes their liberals spineless. Mix the arrogance and the ignorance together thoroughly, this will achieve the perfect texture of baseless moral superiority, blend in with the the total regard for the lessons of history as you continue to whip mixture up into a suitable frenzy.  The goal is a nice froth, this is to ensure that they are never concerned about the consequences of their desires. Let settle for 5 minutes and then fold in the can of endless misery and unhappiness, liberals are never happy or pleasant even when they are getting their way,  cook on high heat for 12 years in public schools (four or more years in liberal colleges will make taste even stronger), welfare, and unemployment office, adding the love of commiesocialism in a little throughout the cooking cycle.

If you smell.... I smell something awful...  This Socialism Tastes Like Shit That is because it is shit you moron 





Oh Right, well, bottoms up!

For other varieties other than the standard one, add fame and fortune, total moral flexibility, and hypocrisy to taste.

WARNING this will make a particularly outspoken powerful variety!!

Remove from oven and let cool in front of TV alternating every hour between MSNBC, Keeping up with the Kardashians, the Hills, and Sleazy attorney “get your money now” commercials for 4 hours every evening for several years and you will have the best garden variety liberal union money can buy.  If you have done it properly it will look like this:janeane_garofalo_is dumbass


Beware overcooking will result in this (and trust me no one really wants this):Holy Shit...she still scares me!


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