November 12, 2009

When the KOS starts bitching about you, you have made it.

kiss-my-ass Not that the below even makes any sense but I did notice I have received some hits from the KOS, and I wondered what in the hell had we done to get those zombie’s attention…so as disgusting as it was wading through the slime over there I did finally find the referral.   Not that this sort of inane crap deserves comment but I will do so anyway.

1) this site is not “turf” anything.  This is 100% home grown Missouri fescue, baby! (as for AD33 do not ask what he has grown in the past, you will hear all kinds of stories),  we don’t do this for money, you will see no tip jars, and I didn’t start this little endeavor for any reason but to vent and maybe educate.  I unlike you drooling morons can read and understand history and the constitution and do not need John Podesta or George Soros feeding me my daily talking points.  The reason you see so many people who are like minded on this side of the blogosphere is because we, having read the same things, and seen the same things, come to the same rational conclusions.  Unlike you moonbat leftists, who hae the same talking points spoon fed into you.  So I can see how you would be confused.

2) Neither I nor AD33 is LDS, RLDS or any of the above.  I keep religion strictly out of this blog except for in passing and this is precisely the reason why.  I do not need a religious argument to out debate the morons on the KOS with one arm tied behind my back.  AD33 will tell you the same.

Anyway, I figure if one of the moonbats at the KOS can even find this blog, I have made it to a level I never dreamed of.

HEY KOS READERS:  You can kiss both sides of my lily white, straight, conservative, job having, nascar watching, bourbon drinking, Socialist Hating, Constitution & Gun Loving, Global warming non-believing,  all american redneck ass!

This stupid POS email is all over the freeper's (6+ / 0-)

.... sites.  And it's on fairly new blogspots so it's some sort of game somebody's playing with spamming the internet since the election, there's lots of these astroturfing sites.  It's the same theme with the same words over and over again, targeted to the really dumb voters, propoganda with stereotypes, blah blah blah.

In fact it was probably written to appeal specifically to LDS Republicans from all the buzz words. 

Somebody posted one of these a while back during a previous election,  and I did manage to trace the authorship to a real person and a real name, and it was some nutball local LDS guy, this is how they do their "storytelling. "  Since this was written or strung together at least partially by a Brit, Canadian, or Aussie I have a suspicion of where it came from, it's just Republican astroturf crap.

Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, one of those bank robberies was in the suburban Sacramento area, David Horowitz has been a guest speaker at one of the local Republican clubs in Placer County CA, Marxist this,  Glenn Beck that, "storm is coming" more LDS phrasing.
My Congressman the flat earth wingnut has a Russian born COS/fundraiser so it's very likely this little gemstone came out of my area and hell, the thing could have been written by one of his bloggers or one of the RMR/MAF people.

This is what I found on one blog called the Kook's Manifesto,  as a header to this ridiculous POS,  that has a link to the "Patriotic Resistance" the Republican astroturf site, which I diaried about previously

A message from a friend
In doing this blog I have a few people from outside that get my ear and that I find to be like minded, honest and not not have a "private agenda" other than preserving the American way of life. They get my ear. Of those I have a couple if friends in "high places." They see and interact with the government on a level most of us cannot imagine because they see the inside of the monster we are fighting. When they speak, I listen and disseminate the info to you. Because of that I dare not reveal names or they would not be in high places anymore and could end up 6 feet under if too much got said. Still when they feed me info, I disseminate it into my own words or if from a 3rd person I simple give you the e-mail. Here's a message (which is long and will be 2 parts) from a friend.

and then it starts off with the message from "Naval aviator Commander Jerry Wilson"

Good Grief, people are stupider than sh*t to believe this crap.

by AmericanRiverCanyon on Sat Sep 19, 2009 at 06:16:06 PM PST



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