November 17, 2009

It is Perfectly Logical

 Obama Land There is an old saying that Neurotics build castles in the sky, Psychotics move into them, and Psychiatrists collect the rent.  I have often said that the main differences between conservatives and liberals is that Conservatives are logical and grounded in a universally accepted reality, and Liberals are rooted in emotion and live in their own reality.  Liberalism is a form of Psychosis, except in this case CommieSocialistProgressiveDemocrats live in castles in the sky and the American Taxpayer PAYS THE RENT.

Once you agree that to be a liberal means one is not grounded in reality in the first place then it all makes sense.

You can make up statistics such as “saved jobs.” You can believe that more people than what live in a district can vote in that district. You can believe that the “saved jobs” that you “saved” came from congressional districts that do not exist, which certainly makes it easier for there to be more votes; you already made up a district. You can believe there are 57 states.  You can believe that giving people a tax credit that they will have to pay taxes on is a tax “break.” You can believe that to get out of debt you just print more money.  You can believe that only a couple hundred protestors showed up on 9/12 at the capitol and that they were all crazy racists. You can believe that the rest of the world wants to love us and live in peace are the only hold up is the fact that we have been arrogant and derisive. You can believe that Jimmy Carter was a great president, and is still relevant.  You can believe that the only thing really wrong with the world is American Capitalistic Imperialism.  You can believe that there are no trees left in the world.  You can believe that cooler temperatures prove the existence of man made global warming.  You can believe that a first term Senator and community rabble rouser is more qualified to be president than a first term governor and former mayor and city councilwoman is qualified to be a Vice President.  You can believe that Americans overwhelmingly are calling for nationalized healthcare. You can believe that people who break federal laws to enter this country are NOT criminals.  You can believe that Greed and not Unionization and Government Over regulation are what is wrong with our industrial base.  You can believe that if we just outlaw oil we will learn to refine good intentions into an unlimited energy source. You can believe that although socialist policies have ALWAYS failed, that if we can just be smart enough, and well intentioned enough, and if the Government just has ENOUGH power it will create a utopia.   You can believe well…anything.

Once you understand that these people ARE NOT SANE it becomes easy to figure them out.Obama sistine-KOOK

by the way…I am getting better at this photo doctoring, don’t you think?

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