November 20, 2009

Claire McCaskill is a deplorable excuse for a servant of the people


Claire, you suck, you really do.  You are a hateful lickspittle of Botoxi and Chairman Zero.
I am not a blind Sarah Palin Supporter, she is a bit too populist for me.  But she is no longer a politician.  At least not for now.  She is a PRIVATE CITIZEN and you attacked her in your little tweet, you twit.

“@clairemc If we printed the HCR bill in regular sized font it would be same length as Sarah Palin’s book, but with more meat on the bone”
Well, Claire, if my aunt had nuts she would be my uncle.  If we printed the United States Constitution one letter per page it might be as long as the health destruction bill is at 1/2 size font. 
I doubt very seriously that you have read Palin’s book, and if you have, you better have already finished your homework.  Your little twittweet would seem to indicate that you have read both the healthcaredestruction bill as well as Palin’s book.  Since you would have to know what is in both the be telling the truth with your moronic statement.
Fact is you dislike the woman because she is a living breathing example of Pro-Life, Gun Loving, REAL people.  She lives in Alaska and has more in common with Missourians than you do. Since you grew up in the big city.
Palin is a citizen, what is next, wanna take a shot at me?  Go ahead. 
GAH, I have moved from disliking you to actively plotting the destruction of your career you Obama Botoxi Lickspittle. 
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