November 04, 2009

Who Watched the Premiere of the New “V”?

abc v logo ABC launched a remake of the old 80’s Classic show V last night.  When the show originally aired in the early 80’s it was a little above my head.  I would have been 8, and so although I do remember certain scenes from the shows I don’t have a lot of memory to draw upon what the show was about.  But when I heard there was a new series coming out, I set the trusty DVR to get it.

Stay with me I will get to the politics. The show starts out, after brief character morena baccarin Anna from new ABC V tv seriesintroductions, with a huge spaceship hovering over NY, the people are initially  fearful and there is the beginnings of panic.  Then a beautiful female face “Anna” is projected on the bottom of the ship and a lovely melodic voice speaks to the huddling masses on the streets below.  Basically, “We come in peace”, we are “Here to help” , and “This is the start of a beautiful friendship”. Ostensibly, they want to trade some natural resources for some of their technology.

vfullcast One of our Heroes, a thirty something female FBI agent, “FBI Mom”, is on the case of some terrorist sleeper cells in the NY area.  She and her partner have no idea who they are or what their goals are.  Every time they get close to nabbing the bad guys, they disappear and more questions are raised than answers found.  HOT HOT LITTLE HOTTIE new-v-tv-series-Laura Vandervoort

FBI Mom’s son, age 17,  meanwhile is all agog with the “Visitors” and get tickets to  see their spaceship, while inside he meets a hot- hot little hottie alien who seriously flirts with him and asks him to join their “young ambassador” program.  With the implied promise of some tail, he is gung-ho to do it. Despite Mom’s already mounting reservations regarding the aliens.

vfullcast We are introduced to a struggling TV journalist who flirts with the Leader of the “Visitors” named Anna.  Their flirtations result in Anna asking TV Man to do an interview of her on the Ship.  Just as the camera’s are getting ready to roll she tells him not to ask any questions that would paint the Visitor’s in a negative light.  He tries to explain that he is a Journalist and he may have some tough questions.  She blackmails him with the promise of being successful and famous into going ahead with the interview on her terms, or she walks.  As soon as the camera begins to roll she tells him the “Visitors” are here to answer any questions, and to be totally transparent and honest.

We are introduced to another protagonist, a Priest, who is very distrustful of vfullcast the “Visitors” despite the official Catholic position that “we are all God’s creatures”.  After one of his parishioners is healed of being a cripple by the “Visitor’s”  “Free Healthcare” he is really curious.  Later he finds a man who is dying lying in one of the church pews who says with his dying breath that basically “them alien’s are up to no good and here is the proof”, and dies after handing him some pictures and directions to a secret meeting that will explain all.

Our Mom FBI agent meanwhile finds her own leads to the meeting and along with her partner goes on a stakeout.  She infiltrates the meeting and a guy explains that although the Visitors say they are here to help, they have actually been here for years, sneaking into all of our most vital systems and hiding in plain sight until time to hatch their evil plan.  All attendees of the meeting are forced to undergo a test to prove they have human bones under their skin.  The leader of the resistance explains to a disbelieving audience that the aliens are lizard people with human skin grown over their lizard skin, and that they are here to conquer Earth and use us for Food. FBI Mom learns the Terrorist Sleeper Cell she has been chasing all this time has actually been the Aliens.

About this time the meeting is crashed by human looking, but not human acting, aliens who kill nearly everyone at the meeting. FBI Mom learns that her leak was none other than her partner.  She beats him with a metal bar, cracking his human skin open revealing Lizardness.  She thinks she killed him but then he grabs her and tries to snuff her out.  She picks the iron bar back up and stabs him a time or two.

The show ends with FBI mom and the Priest sitting on the roof talking about how to organize a resistance, and a scene where Son of FBI Mom is putting on the Obama youth Visitor’s Young Ambassador program jacket.vfullcast

We also find out one of the people fighting for the resistance, Black Dude, is  actually an Alien, but he is against what they are doing.

I am hooked, and honestly, anything that gets me off a 4 hour FOX news marathon every night is probably a good thing.

Okay, so for anyone who missed it, let me break it down:

v-abc-revival-2 The aliens are all beautiful, and they say just what we want to hear.  They give us all kinds of wonderful freebies, like free healthcare and rides on spaceships.  Then we find out they are up to some shady activities and then they start to manifest-hope-change-postercontrol the press, .  They begin subverting our youth. We find out they have been un-noticed in our midst for years  and years gaining power and infiltrating our systems.  A small population knows the truth and if they can only get it to a larger portion of the populace the aliens will stand no chance.  But the aliens are hell bent on stopping the resistance, silencing dissent.  Their mission is to enslave us and Eat Us.  And against all common sense some people actually know this and still side with the Aliens.  Luckily for us there are few insider aliens who are not down with the program and are beginning to help us out.

Pretty much what we are living isn’t it?

Obama V


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