November 22, 2009

Going Rogue: A Book Report

Going Rogue It is an understatement to say that I read a lot.  I have read many political books.   A few are actually listed on my Shelfari shelf on the blog.  I have read Ted Nugent’s book, Several of Neil Boortz’s, Rush Limbaugh’s, Three of Glenn Beck’s, a couple of Ann Coulter’s, one by Thomas Sowell, Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny, Jonah Golberg’s Liberal Fascism, Phil Valentine’s Conservative Handbook. I read Sarah’s book in about 6 hours.
Even as good as Glenn’s books are, with their comedy and common sense; None of the books previously mentioned  has heart.  Sarah Palin is all about heart.  She loves her God, she loves her Kids, She loves her Family, She loves her friends, and nearly as much as she loves all of that, she loves her State, she loves her country.  And she is tough. as. hell.
I have watched nearly all the interviews and the interviewer can never seem to grasp, and I admit I had difficulty with it as well, why she has done what she has done. The difference between Greta, Sean, Bill, Oprah, and Me is, they had all supposedly read the book before the interview. 
Seriously, after reading the book, why is there any question of why this woman has done anything she has done.  She tells you, it is not her fault if you don’t listen.
I have always LIKED  Sarah Palin.  She is polarizing, and the reasons are the same reasons there is such a huge divide in political thought in this country.  I think some of her views are a little more populist than I would prefer.  I confess I was not, prior to reading, and might still not be afterwards convinced that she is the BEST candidate we could all support.  But she very well may be the BEST we can hope for.   I say this not as a slight to the woman.
Only after reading this book do I realize the depth that the Lamestream media went to destroy her image.  This lady is smart.  Not that Ivy League, raised pinky finger, looking over the top of her glasses, persimmon pucker face, smart that you get out of Obama, the media,  and their Ilk.  Smart like my parents, grandparents and others are, who learn by observing the world around them.  Smart by reading history and attempting to learn from its’ lessons.  Smart in the ways of human nature.  Sure, she went to college and got a degree.  I bet they didn’t teach her one damn thing she had not already learned.
I do not know how much any of the readers know about horse traders, or farmers.  I know a little about them.  Do any of you have any idea how fast a barely “educated” backwoods, tobaccy chewing, redneck hillbilly, with cow or horseshit on his boots can separate a MBA Ivy league graduate from his money?   I imagine it is no different from moose huntin, fish nettin, snowmobile riding Alaskan Good ‘Ol boys.  Sarah grew up with them.  Sarah beat them.  Sarah has beat MBA wielding oil executives and corrupt Ivy League politicians with JDs before.  Just because the liberal elite do not understand her does not mean that she does not understand them.  She says “golly”,  “gosh” and “you betcha”, and looks all folksy and just a tad too beautiful to be taken seriously by these condescending patronizing ivy league east coasters… and the whole time she is scoping them out and is two jumps ahead.  She may not win in the end, but you people better bet your asses she is coming.
You want to understand Sarah Palin?  Fly to TN, KY, MO, or AR.  Rent a car and drive to a small town with a monthly horse sale, go to the nearest wal-mart buy a pair of wrangler jeans, a ball cap, a button up western or flannel shirt, a jean jacket, and a pair of cowboy boots with work soles.  Drive to the sale-barn two hours before the sale starts.  walk up and down the muddy aisles, get plenty of shit on your boots.  See if you can get some horse or mule slobber on your jacket.  You will begin to smell like dirt, sweat, horseshit, greasy cheeseburgers, and tobacco.  Do not go up in the bleachers in front of the ring.  Right up on the main aisle out back  where the horses come into the ring, or way back to the back of the barn there will be three or four guys standing around holding sortin poles.  They will be talking and laughing.  Don’t walk up to them, just get within earshot.  Listen to their stories for about an hour.  Then fly to a town near a great fishing destination, go to the nearest wal-mart, buy a pair of polarized fishing glasses, a ball cap, a pair of jean shorts, a polo shirt, and a pair of boat shoes.  Observe the fisherman as they come back in from the lake to weigh the fish at the tournament.  Go to IA, or MO, to an area where all you see for miles is fields and towns with populations of less than three thousand. Go to a farm supply store, buy a pair of overalls, and a pair of work boots, a T-shirt and a ball cap, go outside and roll around in the dirt.  Take up smoking or chewing, or both. Drive down the main drag early in the morning, look for the grungy coffee shop with about 10 beat up muddy 4x4 trucks with diesel cans, fence posts, balin wire, and rusty tools filling the bed, ease inside and order a cup of coffee and some pancakes and just listen.   In fact hang out in as many small town coffee shops as you can find and listen to the small business owners and the construction workers and the mechanics.
What you will hear in every case is: a lot of laughing, and joking, some insults, and most of all STORIES.  Stories about how the world actually works, how things are actually grown and made, how deals get done, and how to win when people who think they are smarter than you and have more money than you think they have you beaten.
Sarah grew up in a large family in the most rugged place you can imagine.  She grew up hunting, fishing, reading books, hiking, running and playing small town basketball.  Most of all she WORKED.   There is something to be said for that.  She will not be able to outspend you, She probably WILL be able to out smart you, but she will for damn sure OUT WORK YOU. And I think she will lie in bed awake at night and think of how to win.
She isn’t playing the game by their rules.  She is playing the game by hers.  And I think she means to win.  Her downfall if she fails will be because she has ethics, morals, and principles, and her opponent will likely have none.
Honestly, her book knocked my socks off.  It is not quite the tell all book I thought and sort of dreaded it might be. It did confirm our suspicions that elements inside the McCain campaign were either double agents, sarah haters, or buffoons.  They did sabotage every good effort she made. The book is Sarah telling the reader who she is.  She is either a gifted liar or plain spoken and honest because I think I know her now.  She loves her country, her state, her family, and Reagan. She hates corruption, pretense, greed, and politics. She loves hard work, understands sacrifice, the pain of holding fast to your convictions and principles, loves capitalism, hates government intrusion into her life, and wants things to be better long term.
She is one of US.  I will support anything she decides to do, wish her luck and Godspeed, she may be what we desperately need.  IF she makes it, she will need every red blooded American's help to succeed.  Because they will be gunning for her every second of every day.  Problem is, after what they have done to her, what else is there for them to say?  They must be getting short on bullets.
“Sarah’s not retreating, she’s reloading” – Sarah Palin’s Father, Chuck Heath Sr.
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