January 21, 2010

33 Years ago today…

And on this most auspicious occasion I feel it opportune to say what I am thankful for (besides another year of being an efficient exchanger of Oxygen and the deadly seal and Goreacle killing CO2). 
I am thankful for My Life, My great loving Family, My Friends (on and offline), and my Career. I am also thankful for each and every Massachusetts “Brown” voter for apparently killing ZeroCare. I am thankful for each person (of the hundreds of thousands) who marched with me on 9/12 (even though we were mostly ignored); I am thankful for all the men and women who have sacrificed both past and present to keep us free; and I am thankful for this country which, despite what many on the left would say, is the defender of freedom, and the last best place on earth. 
Here’s to another year of keeping it that way.
and remember…Today is better than yesterday, because today is my birthday and yesterday was one year of Chairman Zero’s residency at 1600 PA Avenue; although we can all choose to remember yesterday as the day that a Democrat lost in Massachusetts!

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