January 13, 2010

Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck

Hubba hubba.

I will add to my thoughts after I watch the whole thing.

Glenn said "it killed me to vote for John McCain; but I voted for John McCain; and I voted for him because of you" (to Palin)...wow.

She is articulating her positions extremely well. Not flinching on the semi tough questions he is throwing. Not that it is a hostile environment he has as big a crush on her as I do I think. To be fair my crush on her and my critique of her abilities I am trying very hard to keep seperate. I think lots of women are hot; doesn't mean I want them running the country. But come on! How cool would it be to have a hot chick as president.?

She is real. She is plain spoken. She is just having a conversation. It feels as though she would have the same conversation with you or I.

And THAT is why they despise her.

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