January 05, 2010

Michael Steele: Way to “aim low”, you Jackass!

steelemouth[1] This is complete idiocy on the part of Michael Steele.  Steele’s job is to be the “coach” of the Republican “team”.  Can you imagine asking an NFL coach or a NASCAR crew chief if they would have a successful run next season and either one saying “next year?, No way", we will just be rebuilding and we might win some…but being real contenders?, uh uh…”  well that is what this slapnuts is saying:

via Politico 

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele predicted Monday night that the GOP will not regain control of the House in the 2010 midterm elections.

Steele said during an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity that Republicans will see some “nice pick-ups in the House” but would not predict the number of seats the GOP will win. “I can't give a number yet,” Steele said. “We are just now beginning to look at races.”

Asked if Republicans will retake the House, Steele responded: “Not this year.” Steele added: “We still have vacancies that need to get filled. “If we do that, are we ready? I don't know. That's what I'm assessing and evaluating now.”

Michael Steele: GOP won't win House - Andy Barr - POLITICO.com

Michael Steele, you ignorant boob… this is throwing your team under the bus… here is a tip for you, you DemocRAT sympathizer you : when you are the titular “leader” of a group, and you are publicly asked if they will win or be successful, you BY GOD ACT CONFIDENT!.  EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO LIE… you dumbass.  If you need to know the reason, here it is:  if the “coach” or “leader” appears confident it INSPIRES the “members” and it should make the “enemy” less confident of their superiority.  If you can’t do this sort of thing, quit! or for God sakes, SHUT UP, you are not helping!

what a douche!


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