January 23, 2010

JD Hayworth is Unofficially In!

Former Arizona Congressman who served the fifth district of the fine and perpetually sunny state of Arizona from 1995-2007 has quit his radio show to presumably take the fight to John McCain for his long held senate seat. McCain has been feeding off Arizona senatorial oxygen for 30 years. As JD poignantly put it in his last radio broadcast, "It is time for John to come home".

JD is going to need the entirety of the tea party movement behind him to unseat McCain. Arizona has a strange "old boys club" dynamic that McCain is popular with. There is a contingent of the older generations who do support amnesty largely because of their positive relations with what I would call "old school" Mexican immigrants. Their lives are very intertwined, marriages, families and bloodlines have formed a sort of loyalty. Mostly, I can understand their perspective--to a point. The hybrid Mexican-American culture Arizona has is unique. It was largely peaceful and radical was a term I would never use to describe those "old school" immigrants, by and large. Somehow, it worked.

However, as with all things, times change. Mexican immigration has been radicalized. That once mostly harmonious union has now become balkanized and it is far more us vs them. La Raza has a presence, the schools spend an entire day on Cinco De mayo, free publications in Spanish are found in stores and libraries telling the newly planted migrants that they are oppressed victims of the white man and that this land is theirs to reclaim.

The John McCain old boys club does not know this reality. Or if they do they fail to face it. My point, is pro-amnesty stance is not a hinderance for him with this connected and, largely, wealthy demographic. Therefore, I have my concerns whether McCain is beatable. It will be tough to dislodge a candidate with so much money who is a favorite son of the state and was the party's nominee in the 2008 election. AZ is very unlikely to repudiate an incumbent who is the nominal leader of the party and face of the good old days of Arizona life.

JD lost his house seat to Harry Mitchell, a recycled Democrat, largely by redistricting and the fact that he was a target in the 2006 Arizona House races. A huge amount of Soros money (and other anti-American groups) saturated Arizona with anti-J.D. campaigning. JD was a vocal and dedicated opponent of amnesty and illegal immigration. His loss was painted as a repudiation of an anti-amnesty stance.

This is a race to watch and support. He will need every bit of help he can get. JD was a crappy drive hour radio host but he was an excellent US Represenative for his Arizona district, for conservatives everywhere. He was a vocal and fearless leader for conservative causes and would be lightyears of an improvement over John McCain.
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