January 04, 2010

So I broke down and went to see Avatar

And everyone had prepared me for a very pretty movie that was overly political. I gotta say, I really liked it. I simply did not see the political overtones that many others complained about. And it is a delicious looking movie, stunning. The story is, in many ways, a retelling of Dances with Wolves. But this is a story that can be told over and over again, for new generations, it is a timeless sort of tale.

Any of you who read this blog know that if there were political overtones in this movie I would have likely noticed.  I just didnt see it.  I see it in many of the movies and TV shows today, but just not really here.

The main two complaints was that it was Left Wing, and it was an Eco Green movie, and neither of which seemed true to me.

This movie is about corporate greed, it is not anti capitalist. There is such a thing as greed and It is not a right wing phenomenon, both sides of the political aisle demonstrate their unbridled greed daily.

As far as it being exceedingly "green" it isn't; sure the Na'Vi revere the flora and fauna of their world, but they clearly use it to their advantage in their own way...they are "stewards of the land" they kill animals and use them for food, clothing, and weapons.  They domesticate animals for their usage, and they live in the trees.  It is more "Dances with Wolves" than "Fern Gully".

This movie is about people who WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE but who are being pushed off their land and put of their way of life and religion by selfish greedy people who do not care to listen or learn. The natives were there happy and doing fine living their lives but then some know it all do gooders had to show up to take something that was not theirs to take and teach them things they didnt want to know. They were very peaceful and accomodating until they were pushed farther than anyone would say was reasonable.

That sounds very familiar to me. Btw for anyone who has seen it and missed the point: the bad guys were not U.S. military. They were mercenaries, former military.  I do not know if any political entity was even mentioned other than the lead character says that his Veterans benefits would not pay for the surgery he needed to fix his legs even though the technology existed.  Fair enough.  Plus we are talking about several years into the future.  I did not catch how far, but suffice to say quite a ways.

And did I mention is is freaking beatiful to look at? It is worth high ticket prices to see it in 3D on The big screen.

Way cool. Go see it.
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