January 28, 2010

Of all the people in the world to piss off…

Obama picks the Supreme Court Judges.  While I am basically appalled and amazed that even he would go wagging his finger and scolding the Justices, I have a different take on it than anyone else I have seen so far this morning.

032007obama G’head tell ‘em off Big O, you don’t have to take that sh*t from them!  That’s right, you are the Big Man on Campus.  You tell em’ They better start making better decisions and by that you mean decisions you like!
(*humming as I type “you don’t tug on superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind…you don’t pull the mask off the ol’ lone ranger…”*)
Then maybe they will remember what they were all put there for, (well except that lackey Sotomayor) and they will begin showing you who’s got more cajones.dirtyharry
I mean in all the excitement I forgot myself, did I fire six shots or only five, I  dunno, but being this is the Supreme Court of the United States and and will blow your head clean off, you gotta ask yourself…do I feel lucky…well?  Do ya?  PUNK.
That’s right you tell them jive turkeys what’s what!
Healthcare – Unconstitutional
I mean who do they think they are?  You da Man!
Gun Laws - Unconstitutional
I mean they are lucky you even let them come to last night’s big telemprompter reading…
Roe v Wade – see ya
If you want their opinion, you will give it to them
Waterboarding – please that is fine for illegal enemy combatants captured in a war zone who aren't citizen’s of this country, signers of the Geneva conventions, or in uniform.
What do we need them for anyway…I think you should just abolish them, they are all old anyway, and you know what is best for us
Using the IRS as an attack dog – Not gonna happen…What IRS?
Hugo, Fidel, and Achmadinejad don’t have to go through this crap with courts and stuff, why should you?
Interstate Commerce Clause – Not what the framers mean; na uh…sorry charlie…
They need a good dressing down, why I can’t remember the last time anyone told them that they were all imbeciles…
The elastic Clause – not so elastic. 
Please oh Please…pimp slap em again big daddy, and put some smoke on it…!
Shhh nobody tell him there is a reason very few presidents or senators mess around with  SC Justices…
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