January 29, 2010

Claire (Bear) McCaskill (Worst MO Senator Ever) wants my opinion on Spending Limits.

claire_mccaskill-736450 My. Gawd. Woman.  But you are a glutton for punishment aren’t you?  Just to bring the folks up to speed here is an email from Claire-Bear  Read it and be amazed at the temerity of the woman. 


Dear Friend,
It's going to take full, comprehensive budget reform to break the cycle of debt and put us back on track. I am committed to making that reform a reality. (!)
But the first piece of the puzzle is holding down government spending where we can. (!!)That's why Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) and I are offering an amendment that would cap increases in discretionary spending through 2014 and encourage the President to renew the caps when they expire.
Read about the amendment, and let me know what you think.
Discretionary spending only makes up about a third of the federal budget, so this amendment alone won’t solve our huge fiscal problems.
Much more will need to be done. I introduced legislation that would reinstitute a Pay-As-You-Go law (!!!)that would force across-the-board spending cuts if Congress passed any legislation that increased spending or cut taxes without offsetting the cost. I also support efforts to create a Fiscal Task Force, which would propose legislation to close the long term budget gap and submit it to Congress for a vote.
The reason this is so important is our back is against a wall – unless the debt limit is raised our country will default on our debt, our nation’s credit will be ruined, inviting a new global economic crisis. (!!!!)
People who say we should let our nation default are being irresponsible, but we can’t keep kicking the can down the road – that's why I’m introducing this amendment.
Please share your thoughts here after reading about the spending caps:
All the best,

Now. I. Swear.  if this does not take all the nerve in the world.  I bet this woman could actually say this stuff with a straight face.  First lets run down some facts.  Depending on who you listen to these proposed cuts would be between 12% and 15% of the budget. So as much as 15 cents on the dollar.  Of that, it does not, DOES. NOT. include Medicare, Medicaid, OASDI, or other entitlement programs.  Plus there is around 500 billion in “stimulus” money that can be spent on whatever they want but has not been spent on anything yet, that these proposed cuts would not take into account.  Lastly, and this is key, even in the extreme event that they passed this, they would not follow it.  These people are categorically incapable of fiscal restraint.  One last thing, the final point.  The most important part of this whole piece.  A spending freeze will freeze the spending at the HIGHER BLAOTED OVER INFLATED RATE that we have now.  That means NO REDUCTION FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS.

Now item for Item: Item (!) Claire, when did this become a priority?  Was this after Missourians chewed you out for months over ZeroCare, or was it after Scott Brown won in Massachusetts?  Do you see the writing on the wall?  Sister, you better.

Item (!!) Really Claire, really?  The first piece of the puzzle is holding down spending where we can?  Really?  What caused this fast switch?  I thought that from your earlier missives that spending billions and bailing out banks and nationalizing healthcare and ensuring free homes to everyone, a chicken in every pot and forty acres and a mule was our ticket to prosperity…  Now you are saying it is fiscal responsibility.  Wow.  Hmmm.  I think the ticket to Missouri's prosperity is first to get rid of you and then our new Governor. 

Item (!!!) PayGo… what a blast from the past.  I think I heard Botoxi say that about a year ago.  Democrats (Republicans too) always talk of this as if it means something.  It doesn’t and the ZeroCare fiasco proves it.  You will cook the books however is necessary to make it appear that things are deficit neutral or even save us money and they never do.


A task Force, wow.  Another blue ribbon panel of do-nothings that will submit some meaningless report that no one will follow and we will never hear from again. 

Claire, you want my opinion, this is all so much hogwash, political spin, and window dressing, because you know that your days are numbered.  We are on to you Claire.

You want to impress me? Let’s start talking about budget reductions, back to at least 2005 levels (not counting defense spending), let’s talk repeal of the stimulus, pay back the Chinese, stop the healthcare nonsense, quit talking about commuter trains and anything else your Obamessiah talks about. 

P.s., we are also on to the fact that the so called upcoming “jobs bill” is Stimulus 2…and that stimulus 1 is a failure as far as jobs are concerned.


UPDATE:  Item (!!!!) Global. Economic. Crisis.  Seriously weak.  Get a new mantra.  You worthless politicians should just be on television like the guy selling the slap chop.  “hurry now, while we still survive, we created the problem, but now we want to fix it, hurry hurry hurry, or all the CHILDRENS WLL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”   So to borrow your hero’s phrase, Let Me Be Clear®, the orgy of spending that you partook in didn’t contribute to the Global Economic Crisis® but if we don’t do this new WhizBang thing you have cooked up, we will experience armageddon.  puhlease. 


ps I loathe you.

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