January 12, 2010

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie…

mouse_325 Why is it so difficult for people, who admit to seeing what the goons in the District of Criminals are doing, to believe that those in DC will do MORE?  The answer is twofold, on one hand people Project their desires onto politicians and demand their pet cause be addressed, on the other hand when no limits are set and different voices call for different things and those in power get away with whatever they try then they begin to feel there are  no limits; indeed functionally there aren’t any.

First let us understand that once the District of Criminals is given the power to do one thing, they will do more.  Allow them to tax your property; soon they will tax your income. Allow them to tax your income; soon they will tax your benefits.  Allow them to provide your healthcare; they will feel compelled to control unhealthy things. Allow them to control the “unhealthy things” and soon everything will be declared “unhealthy”.

More, more, more, more, more, more, more.rat_2

They forget to declare a nanny or a gardener’s wages; and we do nothing.  So they or the next guy forgets he has a house in the Bahamas or in Ireland; and we do nothing. So then the other guy forgets to pay his taxes that he was reimbursed for anyway; and he gets promoted.  So then they up the ante again, and again, and again.  No limit.

A man associates with terrorists, thugs, and thieves, and we turn a blind eye; so why wouldn’t he think it was Ok to appoint some of those associates to positions in his administration?  He says that we are “five days away from fundamentally transforming this Nation” and we do nothing; then why would he not then think it was fine to go ahead and do that?  People didn’t listen and didn’t hear what he said, they heard what they wanted him to say.  They projected their and desires and beliefs onto him…

Once a person realizes that they have no limits placed on what they can do, it fans the flames on their desires and dreams. Once a person has demonstrated that they have no limits in area A; we must realize that they also have no limits in Area B.

Hypothetically let’s say I am an advocate of Gun Control.  I think all guns should be banned.  Once the government enacts that ban, why should I think they would not attempt to control something else?  The next person advocates for stricter drug laws, and so on and so on. That is to say, once we allow the government to control one thing; they will naturally think it is ok to control another thing.  I do not advocate anarchy; but we must take special care and be more vigilant, realizing that when we give government the power to control one thing we as individuals think is good, someone else also has pet causes and issues that we may not share. The resultant message that a politician gets is that the people as a whole want him to control many many things…and there are no limits.

Here is the human failure that allowed BHO and his merry band of radical criminals in control of this nation:

XmascandycanePeople want to project their values on likeable or public figures.  BHO said some nonsensical fluff but people HEARD what they wanted to hear.  BHO and Botoxi and Dingy Harry have demonstrated no limits to what they will attempt, because the people have not enforced any.  Yet, people project their own values onto them.  They say “surely they wouldn’t do that”, when nothing that these goons have done would logically lead us to believe that they indeed would not do that; quite the opposite, we have seen no evidence that they would limit themselves in any way.  But  we have consciences and limits and  we  would not dream of such illicit, unethical, or amoral behavior, so  we  project our values on people who have no such constraints, and indeed have not been taught those constraints by any experience they have had with we the people

  If you give a mouse a cookie, he is going to want a glass of milk.  If you get him a glass of milk, he will want a straw, and if you give him a straw he will want a napkin to wipe his mouth.  If you give him a napkin to wipe his mouth; he will want a mirror…

My pet cause and my desire is for government to get out of my life, and to how-to-draw-jerry-the-mouse-from-tom-and-jerry-tutorial-drawing_copyleave me alone. Many people may say this, but the difference between me and a lot of people is not only do I want them out of MY life I want them out of your life as well; many people want them in your life, but out of theirs


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