May 11, 2009

5000 year leap update...

Halfway through, burned up one highlighter already, absolutely fantastic book. I sit there reading it and say to myself, "why was I never taught this in school?" and shake my head and think, "This stuff is so simple and also so self evident, why would supposedly intelligent people choose to ignore this, it is all so easy and logical."

Lastly, a realization hit me, that there are no new ideas. The founders had seen it all, read about it all, knew about it all before. To put it in our words "They had read the book, saw the movie, and had the T-shirt."

They saw how this movie would end if we made the wrong choices, and tried to put us on the right path, but here we go, hey diddle diddle, right in the crapper.

Get this book, and read it. Heck buy this book and send it to your politicians.

This book should be required reading for 8th graders.
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