May 22, 2009

It used to be said as a joke...but now it is getting truthful

My Uncle has said something for a couple of years now that, although it has always had a kernel of truth in it, was mostly just funny. Now we are getting dangerously close to that situation. His quote goes something like this,

"When the average working man cannot afford to get in his monster 4x4 to run down to the store for beer, cigarettes, and Doritos on a Saturday night to get ready to watch the NASCAR race on Sunday on his 54" big screen, then and only then will we have a revolution"

I will add to that just a little bit, "when fishing is outlawed because of the environmentalists, and deer and turkey hunting is likewise restricted, as if you could find or afford the ammo anyway, they no longer make vehicles that will pull a boat, even if personal boating were not functionally killed by emissions standards making it such that only a brand new boat is legal, then the people in my neck of the woods will get seriously and unconditionally pissed off".

Well let's check it off:

Getting ready to pass cap and trade legislation that will make energy bills skyrocket, which will make the 54" TV an unaffordable luxury.

Govt set to control GM and Mopar virtually guaranteeing small econo boxes; signaling the eventual death of pickups; killing your boating fun as well...two birds with one stone there

Emboldened by all their other successes, Evironmentalist will no doubt move on the outdoor sports next, either to Tax it to death, or Regulate it to death.

Cigarette tax...Check.

Beer the works see BBCW's post

California is set to make outdoor power eqipment part of the CAFE standards. That means mowers and weedeaters and such, it is a short matter of time before my old '89 Force outboard that you still have to mix oil and fuel manually for is part of some boat clunker law. Never mind it still runs like a dream and smokes less than a new one.

NASCAR... Has been hurting a lot recently anyway. Cap and trade will hurt them, Govt running of GM and Chrysler will probably kill those two sponsorships, rising cost of fuel will probably keep people from going to the races. Recent accidents will lead to furthur govt oversight.

At least there will still be LOTTO... got to fund government programs and get tax dollars from the poor folks somehow.
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