May 12, 2009

The K.O.O.K's Manifesto: Obama Trek:

Joel’s comment on this story was a good one, and also it got me going…

Here is what Joel said:

This one really rubs me the wrong way. Apparently they are considering raising taxes on soda to raise some of this money. If they do that, I will vote with my wallet and simply buy No Doze to get my daily shot of caffeine. This proposed tax would impact those who make the least money the hardest. I never imagined Obama would hurt those who voted for him, right?

The K.O.O.K's Manifesto: Obama Trek: The Search for More Money

Here is what I was going to add as a reply to his comment, but it was good enough to just post:

Yes but he is looking out for all of us. He is a kind and benevolent Leader. He has our best interests at heart because soda has sugar and caffeine and some of it has nutra-sweet which is Aspartame. Some claim that aspartame is bad for you too and... OH MY GOD THE BUBBLES ARE POISONOUS...I JUST REALIZED THOSE ARE C02 BUBBLES... Gosh yes we need to tax that! It is for our own GOOD. For our health and the health of our planet! Our existence is in Peril! People actually drink carbonated beverages!

They are drinking carbon dioxide! Their fate is sealed, and the fate of the planet is in extreme danger…quick someone get me Algore’s phone number. He could make a few million more off of this! I bet there is another movie with the forklift thingy and the hockey stick chart and a Nobel Prize in this story!

Whoa, do you think it could be a conspiracy by those EVIL RICH CAPITALISTS at Pepsico and Coca-Cola? Did they know?

OH THE HUMANITY! They release tons of CO2 into the atmosphere causing the temperature to rise which makes people Hot..enticing them to drink more SODA! Which only kills more polar bears and seals!

Thank GOD ….er I mean Obama… we need more of the DemocRats fine leadership to stop this menace.

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