May 04, 2009

This Crap with the Gesta...erg...I mean DHS is getting really out of hand

I laughed the first time at Bruno...I mean Janet's report on us bitter clingers. This is just getting ridiculous though.

I am not going to go through this crap in depth. But I do have a few thoughts:

1. By these definitions:
U) extremist group (U//FOUO) An ideologically driven organization that
advocates or attempts to bring about political, religious,
economic, or social change through the use of force, violence,
or ideologically motivated criminal activity.

Radicalization (U//FOUO) The process by which an individual adopts an
extremist belief system leading to his or her willingness to
advocate or bring about political, religious, economic, or
social change through the use of force, violence, or
ideologically motivated criminal activity.

Is not the Obama administration a radical extremsit group? They have certainly used force, albeit not physical. I guess they are our official extremist group.

2. Judging from the "unclassified" nature of some of the pictures in the report which also contain Wikipedia tags, (although I think wikipedia is trustworthy most of the time) I don't think this report was done with any serious research or thought. How freaking classified can information be if its' source is wikipedia?

3. (U) militia movement (U//FOUO) A rightwing extremist movement AND
patriot movement (U//FOUO) A term used by rightwing extremists to link their
beliefs to those commonly associated with the American
Revolution. The patriot movement primarily comprises
violent antigovernment groups such as militias and sovereign


green anarchism (U//FOUO) A movement of groups or individuals who combine anarchist
ideology with an environmental focus. They advocate a return to a preindustrial,
agrarian society, often through acts of violence and terrorism.

Does anyone but me see the um...discrepancy there?

Or how about:

(U) hate groups (U//FOUO) A term most often used to describe white
supremacist groups. It is occasionally used to describe other
racist extremist groups.


(U) rightwing extremism: A movement of rightwing groups or individuals who can be broadly divided into those who are primarily hate-oriented [see definition of hate group above], and those who are mainly antigovernment and reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority. This term also may refer to rightwing extremist movements
that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.
(also known as far right, extreme right)


(U) leftwing extremism: A movement of groups or individuals that embraces anticapitalist, Communist, or Socialist doctrines and seeks to bring about change through violent revolution
rather than through established political processes. The term also refers to leftwing, single-issue extremist movements that are dedicated to causes such as environmentalism, opposition
to war, and the rights of animals. (also: far left, extreme left)

So white people are the only purveyors of "hate" this just really steams me, and maybe it is because I am overly sensitive, but I do not think so.

4. aboveground (U//FOUO) A term used to describe extremist groups or
individuals who operate overtly and portray themselves as

Are they assuming that any group who does not think as the official party line should think is automatically non law abiding; just because someone has "radical" views does that make them criminals? If so we got a lot of ACORNS to round up.

And if the group is "aboveground" doesn't that sort of go against the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" claim?

I think they are setting the stage....
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