May 04, 2009

Shocked, simply shocked I tell you

LAS VEGAS -- Nevada authorities are accusing the political advocacy group ACORN and two former employees of illegally paying canvassers to sign up new voters last year.
Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto filed charges alleging the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now had a handbook and policies requiring employees in Las Vegas to sign up 20 new voters per day or be fired.
Nevada Authorities Accuse ACORN of Illegally Paying Canvassers - Presidential Politics Political News -

This is completely unfathomable to me. It shakes the foundation of my world view. Why, I always thought that ACORN was a real stand up grassroots organization that had the good of the nation in mind. After all, our president worked closely with them and he would never associate with shady characters. This must be another ploy by the vast right wing conspiracy movement.
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